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America Turning A New Leaf:

2020 was a hectic year! 2020 was a year where social awareness an protesting for equality, and a year full of spirituality. But also a year for a new opportunity for new candidates running for president. A year where we as American questioned law enforcement an brought awareness fairness in the justice system. I say all that to say this. We as Americans have over came a lot this year. We have shown each other that we as Americans stand for each other. We as Americans have seen that we do have the power to change the future an our… Keep Reading

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Drug Addiction Awareness:

With 2020 here an gone an we look for a greater future. But along the year an forward we have those that handle what we call life different. For most individuals we can handle what life throws at us an for some others there’s Sense of needing to escape. So I thought you know what how about I share some statistics an outlook from others point of view an life experience. During these uncertain times, those who misuse or abuse alcohol and/or other drugs, are particularly vulnerable. The stress from social isolation and other COVID-19 related life changes can… Keep Reading

What Is Your Status
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What’s Your Status?

Is it your job to tell someone about the nexts individual, HIV status? Or is it that individuals duty? I’ve personally been in situations where I asked myself these questions. Let me share. I remember recently I was in a situation, where I knew my friend was HIV positive. The funny thing my friends boyfriend didn’t know, but I didn’t think nothing of it. I just thought to myself maybe their not fully serious about their relationship, so my friend hasn’t fully disclosed that yet with them. But honey, boo boo, child! I later found out that, they have been… Keep Reading

New Year New Outlook 2021
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New Year, Hopefully A New Outlook:

Have you ever thought to yourself, “how can I get my alignment back together?” How can I recenter an bring hope back into my life since the Pandemic? Or it’s a new year, an your looking for an new outlook? Here are a couple of Americans and their hope an outlook on the, New Year. Las Vegas, Nevada Asia heads south of Las Vegas to escape the busy city and catch mountain views from a dry lake bed. “I’m looking forward to getting back on the road and exploring in 2021. Traveling has been a big part of my life… Keep Reading

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What’s Cooking?

With Christmas here, and A New Year rolls in. This is the time an season to reflect an learn from your mistakes. Talking about mistakes, have you ever had your neighbors cooking odor stuck in your home? Don’t really know what to do to get rid of it.  I remember growing up an living in Apartment Complex, I would remember all the different smells and odors from everyone’s Apartment. But I remember my mom always complaining about the neighbors cooking an odor in our home. Well here’s A few tips from, Apartment Therapy.Com: One solution: Instead of trying to remove food… Keep Reading

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I Need A Vacation

With all the craziness going on in the world, A getaway will be perfect about now. With business closing down and limited options for A getaway. We ask, “Well, where should I go? Where could I go? What’s open? What’s the safest route an place? Well there’s still way to getaway an still be safe and still social distance yourself. Here 7 Ways To Travel And Be Responsible From, 1. Do your research ahead of time. Is COVID-19 spreading in your community? Is it spreading in the places you’ll be visiting? If the answer is yes, now might not… Keep Reading

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I Have A Itch, Wanna Scratch It?

Times have change, an being safe is a priority. But, what about intimacy? What about having that special time with your spouse? Some may ask, what protocols do I have to take? For myself personally I take the necessary steps, and ask the necessary questions to still keep social distancing an still be intimate. By asking, “have you been tested for covid?” “Are you std free?” “Are you Hiv negative?” “Do you practice safe sex?” These are all the questions an concerns I have before engaging with my partner. Which I feel is very necessary at a time like this.… Keep Reading

Its My Birthday Month
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It’s My Birthday Month:

It’s Sagittarius And Capricorn season. But the concern is, how do I go about celebrating my special day during a worldwide pandemic? With social distancing in order an this plague is spreading, there’s still ways to celebrate. We all understand that we still need to be safe. But also there’s still ways to go about having a great time. There’s still businesses that are open to cater to those who just want to have a little fun an let loose. Here’s A few ideas from, Seen Magazine: Host a Virtual Game Night Party games are a great way to keep… Keep Reading

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Will Nightlife Be The Same?

We live in an generation where concerts, festival an nightlife plays a major role. Will we be able as Americans to go back to hanging out at the bars? Interacting with others?  Meeting up for brunch an meetings? Or will we still be confined an unable to indulge in the activities that we are normally use to? Well for now that’s the case as Covid-19 increases, more stores an businesses shut down. Abc NEWS states:  COVID-19 shutdown has left millions of nightlife workers unemployedRestaurants, bars and nightclubs are adjusting to limited or virtual patrons, but some are wary of what the industry… Keep Reading

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What About Christmas?

Every year we anxiously wait for the holidays. This mist wonderful time of the year. A time where family an friends get together an enjoy one another. A time where lines in the supermarkets are long an busy. And Airlines are booked an packed. But this year is different. Because of the worldwide crisis, it’ll be a little different this year. The question is will their still be a “Holly, Jolly Christmas?”  An the answer is yes! Like most events, activities and celebrations this year, the 2020 holidays are likely to be far different than your past Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and… Keep Reading

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