Art Show January 2017: Semantics

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Los Angeles, CA – Jai & Jai Gallery is pleased to present ‘SEMANTICS,’ a solo exhibition by Kristin Bauer with an opening reception on Saturday, January 14, 2017. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

Kristin Bauer presents a series of works that emphasizes a disjointed anti-narrative discourse by intricately working with plexiglass and pigment to form totemic sculptural forms that spatially alters her installations. Her sculptures challenge a singular vantage point which can deny concrete truths depending on your physical perspective of the object. SEMANTICS will also feature a selection of Bauer’s multi-panel plexiglass wall pieces. A hybrid of 2D and 3D, these pieces each contain 4 plexiglass panels, with geometrical, pigmented text staggered across each one and anchored in plexiglass frame structures that heighten the sense of depth and dimension to allow for alternate perspectives and spatial distribution.Her works offer a platform for investigation, and highlight the interconnected constellation of cognition, action and belief that propel humanity through a circular dance of ideologies. Kristin’s thoughtful manipulation of her visually stunning cubes offer a multitude of hidden texts that can be read from different angles. She has intuitively demonstrated both the great harmony and discord of a rigid, right angled sculpture with texts skillfully integrated within her works. Language, human communication and understanding via the spoken and written word echoes throughout Kristin’s works.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram


‘SEMANTICS’ presents works that unifies conceptual text-based practices, poetry and light and space considerations. Bauer’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, as well as included in several national and international publications.



Kristin Bauer – My work focuses on the dialogue and internal response of viewers that arises from how they derive meaning and interject narrative when presented with composed visual and written information amidst the poetry of movement. Spatial relationships and depth, specifically when activated by perspective, are increasingly foundational in my pieces, becoming more prevalent in my newer work, which uses transparent substrates and draws light and shadows into the fold.  Space, the physical shape of letters and the multiple dimensions possible in the malleability of language collapse and expand in my work in an exploration and dance with perspective.

I often draw from my academic background in Cognitive Studies and psychology, my background as a poet and writer, as well as my interest in linguistics, meditation, physics and space-time. The work I create often includes cubic sculptures, multi-panel paintings and text based installations, consistently working with sculptural concerns and right angles no matter the material.

Using mostly plastic based products, including cast acrylic plexiglass, polymer pigments, vinyl, etc., my sculptural objects and installations are a platform to explore human constructs. Perception itself is a human construct I attempt to mold and expand, in my desire to open consciousness, increase dimensionality and re-imagine the mundane, whether it be a window, three monosyllabic words or a simple arc. The viewers experience of my work is an integral part of the content, as their participation engaging with and moving around it activates the conceptual kinetics that are otherwise still.



Jai & Jai Gallery, based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2012 by sisters, Jomjai and Jaitip. Jai & Jai Gallery focuses on maintaining a trans-disciplinary program by working with and exhibiting the works of both emerging and contemporary architects & artists. Alongside curated exhibitions of relevant, contemporary work, the undercurrent mission of Jai & Jai Gallery is to engage in and cultivate discussions that lie within the intersection of art and architecture. The fresh perspectives of the gallery exhibitors reveal disparate influences and practices but share a common affinity for pushing the boundaries of theory, fabrication, and representation through art, architecture, and design.

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