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Today we acknowledge Brittany Bright, single Mother, Author, Writer of Children Books, Based in Sacramento Ca. One of her books she’s famous for her Book, “Little Bee & Miss Ann Save The Day With Their Lemonade.” And many more. So I had the pleasure of sitting down with her and get to know her better an get more insight on her life.

My name is Brittany Bright. I am 30 years old and I am from Sacramento, Ca.

I was born in Montana but I’ve grown up in Sacramento and it was the only place that I ever found stability as a child. I also cannot forget to mention that East Oakland holds my roots as well. Before Sacramento, my family and I were in Sobrante Park Of East Oakland Ca.

Honestly, my Dad & my middle school honors English teacher encouraged me to write. My dad has preached my talent to me ever since he peeped my writing techniques and style.

My English Teacher is the one that actually taught me the understanding of Writing! She gave us an Essay, in my heart I just knew that I did great but as soon as I received my graded paper I saw that I was given a straight F! Instead of becoming overwhelmed, I asked her for help.

Mrs.Sandoval Lange sat down with me for multiple lunch sessions and taught me the breakdown of truly writing.

Unfortunately, as a sophomore, my young teacher passed away from Stage 4 Cancer! It affected me in a major way. so I always keep her energy an words of wisdom in mind as I write. In all truth, my life and my environment have pushed me to write as well! It’s how I stay sane in this crazy society.

My children are my motivation. Wanting to give them more then I knew or ever saw is what pushed me each and everyday. At one point, I had lost my essence during the struggle however, my children remind me that I have to fight for them. I never want my babies to be embarrassed or sadden by the thought of me in general as I do my own mother, I want my seeds to hear my name and be able to stand tall with love, kindness, & pride.

I have a few future goals, right now my main goal is to secure a house with a backyard for my children. I also see myself owning a Bookstore or some sort of cool cafe that is filled with Soul! I want my books to be recognized as art, so to get my books into an actual Barnes & Nobel or even into college libraries.

My main goal is to be financially secure though, I have so much advice and love to give to our youth! For example, remember to live in the now and to appreciate the now! We can get so caught up running on our hamster wheels that we completely miss living in the moment, living in the moment is how we grow and make memories! For example, I was so caught up in trying to be successful that I pretty much blurred my 20’a out instead of living in the moments.

I’ll never get that time back but I can promise to not transition into auto pilot mode again. Another piece of advice is to be genuinely kind! In this century, we are all stressed, a little bit of kindness can make the difference in a soul growing or just existing. Remember that confidence can make or break you as a person so always hold your head Hugh, regardless of what decisions we’ve made, we can always choose to start over and to A fresh start.

Never put all of your eggs in one basket, baskets get heavy and arms can become weaker so never place all of your eggs in just one basket.

My last advice is to trust your passion! Society will try and mold you but remember, it’s us that are considered crazy an different and black sheep’s that breaks the mold and you need a little crazy in order to think outside of the box.

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