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Did you ever wish you had a mentor? A mentor that could give you the life changing advice that would take you to the breaking point and then lead to you succeeding? Well District 4 understands that not everyone is able to get access to the people at the top of the game (in whatever profession).

We decided to do something special for this article. We compiled some of the tried and true advice methods together and present them for those who may not be sure if they are going down the right road or if they have completely falling off track. Take good notes as District 4 Presents,-What do you think?-Advice that has been tried and proven to produce results.

We open this article with advice that produced one of the most famous reality stars ever, Chris Jenner, she talks about how her family developed their reality:

Q. So many of us struggle with confidence, where did you get the confidence to say “I am going to do this”, when you had no experience at all?

A. I think part of it and this is what I tell my kids all the time. A lot of how you live your life and how you succeed in life has to do with who you associate yourself with and who your friends are, and my parents taught me that my whole life, and I heard my friend’s parents say it. Robert Kardashian drilled it into my kids for most of their lives, and (she pauses) it just keeps ringing true.

Q. Was there a lot of fear you had to deal with?

A. Yes. The fear that I would disappoint-What people don’t realize when they say “Oh they are just filming a reality show”, is how much work you have to put into it. You have to film 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and you get no time off between seasons- because it was a success right out of the gate. It is a commitment and so you have to promote the show by traveling around to different cities doing press (she throws her head back in distress) and there is just a lot that goes into filming a [reality] TV show.

Q. You once said you used your skills as a stay at home single mother and running the house to apply to producing? You looked inside your house for a solution for your life?

A. You can use what you have-I think there are so many of us that have untapped resources right up here (she takes her finger and points to her mind). There are so many people out there that are just lost and do live pay check to pay check a stressful life where you lose focus and you need focus to succeed. But in that life you can’t think and you can’t see “the forest through the trees” as my mom use to say.

Many just need a way out and they don’t realize what gifts they have inside of them. You have to think about what you have right around you that you can charge for and that will lead you to success and open doors for the bigger dream.

Next we talk to millionaire Evan Carmichael:

Q. What do you do when you are just lost? I have attempted to start a business, I have quit and worked several jobs, what do you do when you want to live your dream but feel like it will never happen?

A. What you experiencing is failure, you are not successful at what you thought you wanted to do, and believe it or not that is the right path. You have started and that is half the battle but the other half is recognizing if you are talented enough to continue? People assume that if you start out wanting to do one thing that you have to stick to that come hell or high water-but what you will find is that, your skills determine what you succeed at and just because you love something and have a passion for it does not mean you will make money at it-that’s just real.

What sometimes happens when you, “follow your dreams” is that along the way, you wake up and realize you have a greater gift to give to the world than what your limited thinking could imagine?

We take a moment here to absorb what is being said how many of us are chasing someone else’s dream as if it was ours just because we are ok at it or somewhat skilled. How many of us have the excuse but I don’t have the resources. Or but I don’t know how to do that.

This is the age of information you can’t get what you need if you simple “get started”. Lots of people do that, but it won’t move you forward, it will not take you to the higher levels.

We end with Billionaire Robert Smith:

Q. If you don’t know what you want then how can you become rich and successful?

A. You have to trust yourself even when no one else does. This would require you developing your mind constantly. You have to develop your mind because that is key in trusting yourself. Think about the times you felt the most confident-it was the times when you understood something inside and out no one could challenge you or make you feel not valuable because you knew what you knew. You have to do that with your own mind, feelings, thoughts, and inspirations.  There are so many people that try to build “success” on false perceptions of themselves. They don’t know who they are now (he lifts his eye brows) not then or in the past but now, right now.

Q. Many People have a dream to succeed and they start that dream-Now what?

A. Act on your intentions. For those of you who know what you want to become and you have started the process ask yourself what are my intentions? If they are good then make decisions from that place but if not then you may need to rethink the long-term effects of what you are “wanting”. Having it all and losing it, trust me, is far worse than the moments it takes to make sure you are on the right path all along, because if you are not be certain your dream will become a nightmare faster than you think.

I leave you with these words from an unknown Billionaire:

“There are people that wonder around the world without knowing why they are doing what they are doing; to have passion and to want to do something is not enough-That’s just desire. You have to know why you are doing what you are doing to be successful at it”

We will continue with more advice in another article!


Edited by Alex Love

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