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I feel the election and our voting system is rigged. The two candidates Hillary and Trump are the worst choices ever for this election. It’s like they are forcing me to pick out of the two who are both evil and will probably kill half of us off.

I feel like honestly they all are working together. They all hang out in real life. I mean Trump plays golf with Bill Clinton for god’s sake! Like they all sit around and say “let’s play a game with the poor people!”. I feel like the cool kids in this world are shoving Hillary down our throats like she cares about anyone. Yea right!. I mean I don’t think she cares about her white people let alone black people!?

Then there’s Donald trump whose father was a bonafide KKK member. There are pictures of him at KKK rallies and no one even talks about it. Can you imagine the type of thought process in his household growing up?. The words his dad used when talking about other races? I’m sure they probably where pretty racist.

I feel like this election has nothing to do with the people but it’s actually for the rich and the elite. They choose who they want for president and then play a game like we have a choice. They probably all sit and laugh together and plot on how to keep taking over the world!

Of course all of this is my personal opinion but I feel like that it might have a lot of facts to it. I also don’t judge anyone who votes for either side. They just don’t know.

-Liza Scott

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