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With the progressive nature of society, it seems barbaric to think that the LGBT community could be treated as criminal in the year 2017. For many citizens, this is the case. Currently, there are 8 countries in which being a homosexual can result in the death penalty. Additionally, there are 72 countries where simply being a part of the LGBT community is still criminalized and can result in legal punishment. If action is taken against someone in this geographic location, it could end in harsh retribution such as a prison sentence.

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Although, many countries over the last century have made tremendous progress in the inclusion of LGBT rights, there are certain places where it is still a danger to be openly gay. Africa, the Middle East, and southern Asia are a few areas where these harsh laws and penalties exist in the present times. The future is not entirely ominous, though. Through these grim predicaments, some underdog countries in the area have made strides towards equality by means of forming groups that will lobby for LGBT rights – such as Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Tunisia.

Despite these setbacks, the past few decades have still been filled with LGBT victories worldwide. Later this year, Germany will join the list of the several countries that allow the legalization of same-sex marriage. Some of the fundamental countries that supported this equality even before the year 1990 are France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Argentina. Trailing a little further behind is Britain, the decision was made 50 years ago to partly decriminalize homosexuality, but they still do not recognize same-sex marriage.

Regarding starting a family as an LGBT couple, there are 26 countries that allow for same-sex joint adoption rights. In 27 countries, same-sex second parent adoption is recognized, making that second person a legal step-parent of the child. Many barriers still exist within the community, but the strides being taken around the world further prove that people are willing to fight for the equality that they deserve.

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