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Youtuber Hannah Hart Proposes to Girlfriend Ella Mielniczenko

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Youtube celesbian and foodie Hannah Hart announced her engagement via Instagram to Buzzfeed executive producer, Ella Mielniczenko.

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#enGAYged 💍 I proposed! She said yes! There were many wonderful and hilarious details involved and we will share them all,” reads the caption. While they have yet to release the joint video about the whole proposal, Hart has already shared some of the details. True to character, Hart’s proposal ticked all the romantic boxes. She popped the question on a beach in Hawaii at sunset – the very place “Hart realized she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her now fiancé — and where they first said “I love you.””

In a “one-on-one” video with her followers, Hart opened up about their relationship, what Ella means to her, and the journey ahead:

“If you asked fifth-grade Hannah, ‘What is your biggest dream?’ She would say, ‘It’s to have a family.’ And as I accepted my sexuality and realized how little out-there-queerness there is in the world, I got really scared that I was just never gonna have the chance to meet my somebody for my life.”

Having feared that she might never have a family of her own one day, simply because she was gay, it makes a lot of sense that Hart would want to share the journey she and Ella are on. “It’s so exciting to share our engagement story,” she told People.com. “There is just not enough positive queer representation out there of the realities of being in queer relationships. It means all the same things as heterosexual relationships. We cry when we get engaged and fall in love and find people we want to spend the rest of our lives with.”


“In our relationship we’ve had our ups and our downs, and our own character and personality flaws, and our own good behavior and bad behavior. We’ve run this gamut, and we’ve come out on the other side. And that’s kind of what I’m looking for in life – somebody that can do this with me.”

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“Everything changes. Roads can become highways, oceans can become deserts, and cities can become memories. This next big change is a very good one and one that I’ve kinda been waiting for my whole life. The reality that everything changes has always scared me, but I realize now that change is just a part of life. Change is proof of life.”

Watch the full video:

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