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Hayley Kiyoko An Inspiration

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Hayley Kiyoko recently came out with her album ‘Expectations’ this year and it has become an instant hit. With every song being about women, her own experiences, and mental health, it has helped many queer women, young and old, discover themselves and realize they are not alone. She first found fame when she appeared on Disney’s Lemonade Mouth in 2011 and Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then she has become a role model for LGBT members everywhere.

Jessie, who runs the Instagram page, explained how Hayley Kiyoko is more than just an artist, “I think the fact shes openly discussing her sexuality and mental health, two major things to the LGBT community. It’s inspirational to see such a beautiful, intelligent, caring role model for all ages of the LGBT community. It’s amazing to see how far society has come to have a gay woman as a public figure; the representation helps create a safer and educated environment for people questioning their sexuality and people who are LGBT. It’s more than her music, it’s the representation that has influenced the society we live in. She and her music gives a safe and identifiable environment for people who would otherwise have very little representation and relatability.”
Even though Hayley has come out many times as bisexual she earned the name ‘Lesbian Jesus’ from her fans, “My fans are really funny they like love to call me like Lesbian Jesus which is hilarious because I didn’t know there was a Lesbian Jesus but there is one apparently and I am the one” Hayley responded laughing in a Fuse interview.

Alexa, who co-owns an Instagram page dedicated to Hayley called expectationstourx, also explained how much she has grown with the artist, “I have followed her journey since she was a Disney star, appearing in Wizards of Waverly Place and Lemonade Mouth, then when I heard she was making music too I listened and became an instant fan! She’s influenced me into being true to myself, being able to realize that I’m gay was largely due to her music and mainstream appearance as part of the LGBTQ community, and I know many others who feel the same way and have said that she inspires them to be more introspective.”

Hayley Kiyoko will continue for many years to inspire the LGBT community as she continues to do concerts and has a tour starting on May 5th dedicated to her album ‘Expectations’.

Written by Joan Probst

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