I am Sadie Luke,

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I am Sadie Luke,

and I was born and raised in Sacramento.  I have been actively protesting for various issue since I was 18 years old but it wasn’t until January 2017 when all of my career, academic and personal goals shifted and my entire life became about activism.
As an international studies and political science student I was learning about human rights so when an executive order banning Muslims from entering the country I knew I had to stand up for the basic freedoms of religion.
My ultimate goal is to be in a position to help shape policies. I’ve always believed that the most efficient way to help the most amount of people all at once is via policy. I’m currently studying environmental policy and hope to eventually go to law school.
It is difficult to know whether or not the world will ever go back to “normal” but there are a few things that this pandemic has changed that hopefully doesn’t end. Specifically global cooperation; most major issues that humans face around the world isn’t exclusively felt in any particular nation. All major issues are shared problems that the entire world needs to address together. We as humans will not be successful at addressing global issues such as COVID 19 or climate change without global cooperation.
This pandemic has effected everyone in different ways. This pandemic has effected my work with UNA Sacramento because we’ve had to shift our focus from advocating for climate change, refugees crisis, ect to helping those here in Sacramento who are especially vulnerable during this time. In previous years we spend the early summer in Washington D.C. to speak with members of Congress about fully funding the UN but this year we put all of our efforts into providing help our community. We have been providing food and essential items Un-documented and people experiencing homelessness and others who don’t have access to resources.
The advice I would give to other activist is: although it may be discouraging the slow pace that change happens and it will certainly not happen over night. Don’t give up, keep fighting for what you believe in. Young people will inherit all of the political power soon enough.
I’m Sadie Luke, a bored member and the Advocacy Chair for the Sacramento Chapter of the United Nation Association UNA. UNA is a program of the UN that focuses on localizing the UNs global goals and initiatives. For example, The UNs Sustainable Development Goal #2 in no hunger, so we actively free people here in Sacramento.
As an activist something that I’d like to see change is linking the conversations. Since the murder of George Floyd there has been a lot of focus on the systematic racism here in the United State while simultaneously there people focused on COVID 19 , it what I would like to see is for the activist community to acknowledge that the systematic racism is directly related to covid so that it’s can be addressed properly.  For example the healthcare system is more difficult for people of color to maneuver through , also due to racist housing policies and procedures most communities of color are in areas with worse pollution causing a pre-existing conditions that make COVID even more dangerous.
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