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Welcome to District 4! For many years The Sentinel has given great insight and information regarding specified stories and communities. As I am writing this today The Sentinel is happy to extend this great ideology to a section dedicated to highlighting all the brightest and the best, the hottest spots, and important developing stories. Titled arguably after one of the most well-known areas in Los Angeles County (perhaps anywhere) District 4 is where all tourist, celebrities, locals, and noteworthy happenings end up.
On this day, we open with our first interview-City Councilman David Ryu
I was honored to meet City Councilman David Ryu on that rainy California Day in his office located in downtown Los Angeles. Ryu had a cold that day, but he was still very upbeat and pleasant as he opened the door himself to his office. I walked in and sat on the couch:

Ryu: I can’t shake your hand but welcome (he looked around his office as if to say my office is your office)!
When I sat down on the couch, he said in a chair across from me and we began the interview.

Question:So, I understand you were born in Korea?

Answer:Yes! I was born in Seoul, South Korea and I immigrated to the United States at the age six, he pause briefly, it’s sort of humorous because there are 15 council members and there are two immigrants (he starts to smile in anticipation for his upcoming statement) and whenever you say immigrants on a city council everyone automatically thinks Latino (he laughs)- but as it turns out yes, one is Latino, and I am the other one.
I am proud to be an immigrant, but I did migrate to Los Angeles when I was six.
I want to say that I was born and raised in Los Angeles because that is all that I know. I can’t really remember anything before the age of five.

Question:Where you primarily in District 4?

Answer:Yes, my childhood home where I grew up is now just outside of District 4 but the majority of my life was spend in District 4.

Question:For those who do not know, what areas are considered “District 4”

Answer:You know, District 4 is Los Angeles. When you think of L.A. you are talking District 4. We have the Hollywood sign, Griffith Park, the Observatory-We also have LACMA, The Grove, the original Farmers Market (he goes on the name so many well-known land marks).
The heart of Los Angeles that is what council District 4 is like.
Which brings me to a greater point, we will continue our interview with the councilman as events in this powerful and influential District unfold, as for now, we leave you with a better understanding of what this paper will bring to our readership.

Written by Alex Love

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