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Politics and religion have been tested changed and destroyed over the course of time. How we get our information has changed, how we interact with each other has changed and what we classify as disorders or mental illness. What hasn’t changed is fine art and its way to express our truth, having it transcending time even. I see everyday an opportunity for better understanding of my own cognitive mind and how it works with others. How I respond to my conflicts and obstacles. Life presented so many ways to see clarity in dispositions. To filter and process content is vital to any successful human, in real life or on the web. Phones give instant gratification when used. A user intends to have their pleasures received through search. The way we express our true selves hasn’t changed just instagram anything. Our Fifteen Minutes of Fame is now Andy.

If you aren’t familiar, the late Andy Warhol was vital to American pop culture. An asset to the 20th century. Best known for Interview Magazine, his Campbell’s soup can and the Silver Factory. His museum can be found in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’ve been while in art school. We didn’t explore all the floors but i’ve learned in recent years it has become a safe and welcoming space for those of LGBTQ and seeking an art sanctuary. Currently exhibiting on the seventh floor you can find a tour about Warhol’s queer history. His sexuality is frequently suppressed or debated. “This tour traces Warhol’s romantic relationships and queer identity against the backdrop of the historical gay rights movement in the United States.” In the late 60’s, 70s being openly gay, and a Ceo generating millions wasn’t a trending topic. For those who made it appeal simple and easy today the transition understanding self and seek answers to those questions. Our choices of what we do in our own private life shouldn’t dictate how we are seen or accepted as beings in society. History shows human tendencies to probe what we don’t understand and paid witness to its many outcomes we’ve had as a civilization. Andy had several partners throughout his life. Warhol’s boy friends included men like Edward

Wallowitch,John Giorno, and Jed Johnson, these were also his colleagues and collaborators, helping to inspire shape and define his career. “homoerotic drawings of male nudes”. were rejected for being “too openly gay”. Despite the lack of success that came along with his first gallery appearances and submissions. This didn’t stop him from using sexuality as a place to find inspiration. Art is a great way to dive into beautiful and the deep parts of our mind and body. accepting our greatest challenges and formulating ways to express them. It can also be a way to receive attention when used and managed properly.

Our ideas in America about society can reflect awfully close to those who share the spotlight in our favorite programs. Andys passion for film and photography had no creative end. His unapologetic approach to sexuality in a wide range of talents who also sparked their own artistic journey. If Andy had instagram in the 70’s I can only imagine what he might make as a video or his story mode post. His portraits of Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli in his films such as Lonesome Cowboys and Blow Job, he often drew from the gay underground scene. He even encountered trouble when attempting to find social acceptance with other gay artists. In art expression creatives will often press the button of mystery. As an artist I can sit and appreciate someone’s time and effort in something they truly prize. Cheers to my favorite artists and their achievements. Reaching new heights with their abilities to keep real and authentic to themselves. Giving back to those who are less fortunate. Don’t let society stand in your pursuit to happiness.

Written by Bric Owin

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