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INTERNATIONAL: United Nations appoints first watchdog to help prevent LGBT discrimination… Read more on page: HONG KONG: A petition letter urging the government to change the current immigration policy denying same-sex couples equal recognition in spousal visa applications has been ignored by several large investment banks. 12 total investment banks, including HSBC, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs, declined to sign. HAITI: Organisers cancelled the festival celebrating Haiti’s Afro-Caribbean lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community due to violent threats and government opposition. UNITED STATES: The Pentagon announces an end to the military ban on transgender service members, extending beyond active-duty military. IRELAND:… Keep Reading


7 Signs You Might Be Dating A Clingy Guy

Dating is always stressful. And it doesn’t get easier as you get older. But once we meet that guy who proves not all guys are losers, we want to hang on to them. Sometimes, we fall for them too fast and things can get out of control. When you date someone, you should take some time to get to know them. Dating is all about figuring each other out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s dating. At some point while you’re dating, you might come across a clingy guy. Someone who’s been dating for a long time and is… Keep Reading

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Where does the largest Halloween Street Party Take Place in Hollywood? Santa Monica Blvd. Each year on Halloween over half a million people gather in WeHo to enjoy the costumes and crowds at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. Featuring live entertainment, street vendors, stages, lots of bars, and lots of costumes, but more importantly lots of parties. Who will you be this year? Re-live some highlights from Halloween 2015. Keep Reading

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I feel the election and our voting system is rigged. The two candidates Hillary and Trump are the worst choices ever for this election. It’s like they are forcing me to pick out of the two who are both evil and will probably kill half of us off. I feel like honestly they all are working together. They all hang out in real life. I mean Trump plays golf with Bill Clinton for god’s sake! Like they all sit around and say “let’s play a game with the poor people!”. I feel like the cool kids in this world are… Keep Reading


Belarus leads group of about 17 nations to block LGBT rights in U.N. cities plan: sources

By Paola Totaro LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A group of up to 17 countries led by Belarus has blocked a plan to include the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender communities in a new urban strategy drawn up by the United Nations, according to sources close to negotiations. Canada, backed by the European Union, the United States and Mexico, had pushed for including the recognition of LGBT people and an acknowledgment of homophobia in a key policy paper to be finalised at a major UN conference in Ecuador next week. The UN’s ‘New Urban Agenda’ is a non-binding agreement… Keep Reading


The 5 Worst States for LGBT People

If you pay attention to the news, it’s hard not to get swept up in the feeling that things are getting better for America’s LGBT citizens. However, after riding a wave of momentum in the courts this year, marriage equality hit a new roadblock in November, when the Sixth Circuit Court upheld bans in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee. The decision is likely to force a ruling from the Supreme Court, a body that’s up until now been "leading from behind" on this issue. It’s also a reflection of the broader inequalities that still exist for LGBT people in today’s America,… Keep Reading


Gay rights around the world: the best and worst countries for equality

We have a US president who supports gay marriage, and now a pope who, if not exactly signing up to equality for all, is at least starting to talk in language less inflammatory than his predecessor. "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?" he told an assembled group of journalists on the papal plane back from his tour of Brazil. Then he went on to criticise the gay "lobby" and said he wasn’t going to break with the catechism that said "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered". Still, for a… Keep Reading


Presumably gay-free website poses dumb questions we hate being asked

Are there queers who work at Vice? We mean, other than Khalid El Khatib, an out gay man who skillfully wrote a worthy article that was poorly headlined, “Gay People Tell Us the Questions They Absolutely Hate Being Asked.” “Us?” “They?” That kind of phrasing puts Vice in the role of a modern-day National Geographic, dedicated to serving straight readers who are curious about “those LGBTQ folk we keep hearing about.” It’s like that well-meaning but insulting straight friend we all have, who insists on introducing us as their “gay friend,” their “lesbian roomate,” their “buddy who’s bi,” or “that transgender person I was telling y’all… Keep Reading

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