Strength – Poetry

Have Strength, Pull Through You’re Strong Enough For It. When You Break Down Those Are The Words You Will Hear Each And Every Time. How Strong Can You Be When You Just ….Keep Falling? How Can You Stay Strong When You Just Feel Like You Don’t Have It In You No More? Strength In Life Can Be Used In Many Different Ways But When You’re Alone. Nobody Around, In The Dark, Alone With Just Your Thoughts. Where’s The Strength Then? When Every Part Of Your Body Is Telling You No, When You’re Losing Yourself And Can’t Seem To Find The… Keep Reading

Real Talk

Thank You For Voting-Highlights of the 2018 Midterm-Elections and Why Your Vote Matters

The 2018 midterm-elections became the focal point for American politics this past November as we experienced an impressive nationwide push getting citizens inspired to exercise our right to vote. Major governmental issues have been at the forefront of of conversation when it comes to the political stance of candidates such as immigration, gun laws, gay rights, environmental needs, abortion laws and women’s rights, and policies on state and federal levels. Another major issue that came up this year was a brand new law that was passed creating voter suppression in rural communities, such as my home reservation of the Turtle… Keep Reading

Real Talk

Love has no gender

There’s something I wish society could understand… That our hearts are blind to who we love What you look like doesn’t matter Boy or girl That doesn’t matter Our hearts still melt in the presence of the one we love Our souls still sing when they walk into the room And we still get butterflies just by thinking about them Maybe that’s why they say love is blind Because our hearts fall in love with souls   Writer instagram @astra_writes Keep Reading

Art & Culture/International

Call Me Kuchu: The Urgent Story of a 21st Century Witch-hunt

The year is 2010, shortly after the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, commonly known as the “Kill the Gays Bill”, was masterminded and submitted for voting by Member of Parliament David Bahati. Set against this backdrop, the documentary Call Me Kuchu shines a spotlight on the extraordinary individuals at the forefront of Uganda's LGBTQ struggle, and the devastating sacrifices they've had to make. Keep Reading

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