The Carnival Of Pride

Pride month hasn’t always been cool. In the beginning it was a riot, led by people who struggled to survive at the margins of society. Radical queer leaders, particularly people of color and trans people, still have to wrestle their way through barriers in healthcare, education, the justice system, and every other major axis of… Keep Reading

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Racism in the Gayborhood: A Philly Story

  The city of Philadelphia, PA added black and brown to its Pride flag in time for the city’s 2017 Pride festivities, and, as always, people freaked out. The flag’s creation is an attempt to show inclusivity within the LGBTQ community. A year ago, volcanic tensions within the city’s “Gayborhood” erupted after a club owner… Keep Reading

That Gay Romance on Dear White People

  The first season of Dear White People, released on Netflix at the end of April, has received stellar reviews. It tackles inter- and intra- racial conflict from a variety of perspectives, telling a series of interconnecting stories that embrace the complexity of racial issues on University campuses in the United States. It’s relevant and… Keep Reading

How To Use That Hookup App

You’re Using a Hookup App? 3 Simple Ways to Stay Safe…  Once upon a time, a naive young man responded to a very attractive suitor on Grindr. After the appropriate banter, our young fellow waltzed his way to his new companion’s home with hopes and dreams of finding “the one.” Instead, he didn’t quite get his… Keep Reading

White Pridefest: Let’s Do Better

In July of last year, Black Lives Matter protesters staged a sit-in at the Toronto Pride parade. The protesters provided Toronto Pride organizers with a list of demands. These included the facilitation of space and opportunities for Black Queer Youth, prioritized hiring for queer people of color, and the removal of police floats from marches and parades. Toronto Prideagreed to… Keep Reading

Following up on La Femme Bohème…

Remember “One Company’s Story of Taking on Gender and Sexuality in Opera?” We followed up with Executive Director of MetroWest Opera, William Neely, and listened in on a conversation he had with Julia Mintzer, who is the stage director for the show. Mintzer is also a freelance opera singer who currently resides in Germany. The show wrapped… Keep Reading

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