I think it depends on who you ask. For those that want to assimilate and adhere to “the binary” the legalization of the gay marriage was pretty monumental. From more meta perspective, I’d say the increased public discussion is the greatest achivement. From increased awarenes, I think it has helped alleviate bullying and discrimination in some areas. We’re far from finished with this issie, but I’d consider some places in the US to be relatively safe for individuals in the comunnity and that sense of decurity is crucial for anyone to thrive. Keep Reading


Friends with Benefits

There was a time when relationships between gay men were more that a simple “swipe left” of pure eros. In the past, gay men bonded over a shared sense of discrimination, inequality, and sometimes danger. Recent advances in LGBTQ equality around gay men see themselves; a new generation of men can now add “husband” to their vocabulary, and the proverbial white picket fence can be had. Although it is not a relationship often shown in the media or reflected in books and movies, gay men do not always seek camaraderia in night clubs, bitch at Sunday brunch, or shop foe… Keep Reading



VEGAS STILL A PERFECT QUICK TRIP AMAZING COSTA RICA With winter and spring flying by, we now find ourselves gearing up for summertime- the busiest travel season. All around the world CEO’s, students, stay-at-home moms are putting together the perfect summer getaways to ditch the everyday hustle bustle and head to their favorite destinations. Whether it is a quick weekend trip or a month long vacay, finding the best spot to escape to can sometimes be tough. If you’re looking for a real getaway, Costa Rica is an amazing and affordable trip to consider. Located in Central America, the lush… Keep Reading



A VISUAL LIFESTYLE TAILOR EDITOR ICEEMATTY.COM IG: @ICEEMATTY LA BASED PHOTOGRAPHER SPECIALIZING IN VIDEO DOCUMENTATION, EDITING CONTENT, FASHION FILMS, AND HIS NOTORIOUS VIDEO PROMOS KNOWN AS “15 SECONDS OF FAME”. In 2017 he will begin releasing short inspired videos of interviews from people Matty is inspired by creatively called “step by step” a video series rooting from a his developing biography called “from 8 to nine” steps of success and maintaining happiness. Currently is working with Boigirl a band in Southern Cali and DJ Politik his talents and abilities for LIFESTYLE BRANDING SERVICES INCLUDE IMAGE CONSULTING AND DESIGN. ORIGINALLY FROM… Keep Reading


Mya Mya Mya She All that and More!

So just giving credit where I believe credit is due, I like to take my hat off and applauds to Mya our sweet heart we watched grow in so many different areas as an artist, singer, songwriter and performer who doesn’t need any help with kind or edifying words of due! This Lady is obviously all of that and more! 
And that part is what I really want to bring more emphasis too. Meaning the Woman behind the Talent and the calmness, the confidence, the growth and ascension to a place that many haven’t and will never reach. We seen… Keep Reading

Real Talk


“A strong man became a fragile man, and yet his spirit remained like iron” We here at the LBGT Sentinel Pay honor and respects to Muhammad Ali. A Champion who happened to be a fighter and a fighter warrior he was and will remain as we do our part in keeping this great champion alive always in spirit and I personally am glad to have an example like the blueprint and bars he set As a humanitarian and servant to justice, equally for all whom are oppressed by a system whom methodically and systematically working both ends against the middle.… Keep Reading

Real Talk

What do you believe to be the ultimate message behind pride week.

Casper: I think everyone’s experience in the LGBTQ community is different. There are paralles between experiences, but each person’s journey and indentity is incredibly personal. So I don’t believe there is one unifying message behind Pride week. If anything, I think the ultimate goal is to foster a sense of community to individuals through a communal celebration. Keep Reading

The Nation


You cannot go wrong when you go Vegas. When me and friends need a quick getaway, Las Vegas is always our go to. It’s just far away enough to escape our everyday lives on the weekend and you can be satisfied with your stay even if you’re only there for an overnight trip. I found a great deal on a last minute ticket (which you can find basically anywhere to head to Vegas) and stayed at Planet Hollywood on the strip. We were only there for the weekend so when the plane landed at 7pm we went straight to the… Keep Reading

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