No Jail Time For Hasidic Neighborhood Patrolmen Who Brutally Beat Gay Black Student

Two men who attacked a fashion student in south Williamsburg in December 2013, were sentenced to three years of probation and 150 hours of community service on Tuesday.  Pinchas Braver, 22, and Abraham Winkler, 42, were among five men arrested in 2014 for the 2013 attack on Taj Patterson, 25. Braver and Winkler, along with Aharon Hollender, 31, Mayer Herskovic, 24 and and Joseph Fried, 28, attacked Patterson early in the morning on December 1st as he walked home from a party on Flushing Avenue near Spencer Street. Patterson, who is gay, said the men yelled homophobic slurs at him as they beat him. “I was alone.… Keep Reading


Rihanna Sends Pizza And Towels To Fans “As If You Needed More Reason To Worship Her”

One fan told the newspaper, “We couldn’t believe it. The pizza was only sent to our side of the queue.” I mean, you can’t buy everyone pizza, but you can spread a little goodwill and good vibes. I have a slightly embarrassing secret — Rihanna intimidates the shit out of me. Because I want to be more like Rihanna. She rolls blunts on her bodyguard’s bald head and is probably a whole lot better than I am at it. She spends a lot of time just not giving a fuck. When someone owes me money, I text politely one time… Keep Reading

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