Queerness, Self-Love, and Tamagotchis

Living as a queer person in a heteronormative society takes a lot of guts. It’s not easy to exist in an identity that doesn’t fit with the norms of our culture. It also takes a whole lot of self-love. It’s no surprise that rates of suicide are still markedly higher in LGBTQIA+ youth than they… Keep Reading

Outfest: LGBTQA+ Stories Matter

Ticketing info @ Media: One of the most destructive forces in the United States, and also one of our most powerful tools. The whitewashed, heteronormative, and misogynist narratives that dominate advertising, TV, movies, and popular music have concrete effects, ranging from internalized racism and homophobia to body dysmorphia and suicide. And yet, the flip side… Keep Reading

Coming Out As Asexual To Your Partner

What I hope to say first is “Congratulations!”. You’ve probably found some answers about yourself that make sense, in more ways than one.  However frustratingly, after the relief of knowing how to identify on the sexuality spectrum, from pansexual to demi sexual to asexual, comes the anxiety and brand new questions. While groups like AVEN… Keep Reading

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