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Am I a slut? An interview with Amber Rose

Does taking “ownership” of a word lessen its impact or is doing so simply another version of the inferiority complex that plagues the person who is being assaulted by the said “offensive” word? Ponder that question as District 4 presents-Am I a slut? An interview with Amber Rose: We open this interview with a mini tour of Ambers house, she points out her favorite photos on the wall as she gives a little back story to where and why each photo was taken, before ending at a lounge like area to sit and be interviewed (she stares with a great… Keep Reading

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District 4 Jay Shetty

Welcome back to District 4, we take a break from our introductory interview with councilman David Ryu and move forward for an interview with a man who is often identified as the “millineol monk”. District 4 presents an interview with Jay Shetty: If you follow the trends of the day you will subscribe to the ideal that there are many roads to happiness and they all lead to fancy cars, big homes, a posse, designer clothes, a great body, relationships that you do- not have to work at, and kids (if you bother) that will “eventually” be raised. In the… Keep Reading

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Interview with Uriel Saenz “a designer with a very well-edited collection!”-Vogue

1: Tell me where are you from? Where do you live? I was born and raise in the city of Angels, where everything is possible, Los Angeles. In the past few years I have been living in DTLA and have seen its transformation. 2: What is your daily mantra that you repeat yourself to ensure success? I don’t have a mantra in particular. But I do live a life that is grateful for what I was handed, what I am currently experiencing and for what the universe or God have in store for my future. In addition, I like to… Keep Reading

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Introducing District 4 interview with Council member David Ryu

Welcome to District 4! For many years The Sentinel has given great insight and information regarding specified stories and communities. As I am writing this today The Sentinel is happy to extend this great ideology to a section dedicated to highlighting all the brightest and the best, the hottest spots, and important developing stories. Titled arguably after one of the most well-known areas in Los Angeles County (perhaps anywhere) District 4 is where all tourist, celebrities, locals, and noteworthy happenings end up. On this day, we open with our first interview-City Councilman David Ryu I was honored to meet City… Keep Reading

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Get Familiar With New Jersey’s Finest Female Rapper: pineappleCITI

We got a chance to chat with the fierce female rapper pineappleCITI before she took off to this year’s SXSW in Austin. With a full schedule and roster of appearances to make, we were thrilled she was able to make the time to speak to us about her career as a rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She was really excited to be able to represent herself to our community of readers and to be allowed to be authentically herself in her own words. How did you get the name pineappleCITI? I’m from north New Jersey which is known as Brick City… Keep Reading

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Lady Midnight and DJ Keezy

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Lady Midnight and DJ Keezy Written and Interviewed by Amelia Davis. Minneapolis songstress Lady Midnight and DJ Keezy recently visited Los Angeles to perform along with the hip-hop group Atmosphere’s latest “Mi Vida Local Tour”.  These powerhouse women have created a feminine wave of musical experiences in Minneapolis and brought that same energy to the sold-out show at The Novo on February 7. This is what they had to say about their music. How would you describe your music? DJ Keezy: “People that inspire me: Salt and Pepper, more of the women’s’ groups.  I have a little set… Keep Reading

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Why LGBTQ+ children’s books are so important.

If you ask any LGBTQ+ adult today whether they believe their childhood consisted of stories that fairly represented them, the answer would most likely be a resounding NO. Today’s children’s literature has made tangible progress in promoting diversity through numerous LGBTQ+ characters, themes, and storylines. However, the struggle to find ample representation continues, largely owing to the backlash that many believe LGBTQ+ content to be “inappropriate content”. The reality is that inclusive children’s books play an incredibly powerful role in cultivating an accepting and progressive mindset for our youth. When reflecting on my own childhood, I spent countless hours questioning… Keep Reading

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Review written by Amelia Davis

The new year has already jumped off to an interesting start as Lifetime released a the new docuseries titled “Surviving R. Kelly”. With a title like that you know that this is going to be a story that probably dives into whatever deep dark closet that the entertainment industry was hiding R. Kelly in. This documentary mini-series features interviews from brave women who have come forward to share their traumatizing personal experiences with R&B superstar R. Kelly. Many celebrities make appearances to talk of what they know or things they have seen working with R. Kelly; even his own family… Keep Reading

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FALLEN ANGELS: The Runway Show that Gives You the Trans Inclusive Fantasy That Victoria’s Secret is Missing Out On.

FALLEN ANGELS: The Runway Show that Gives You the Trans Inclusive Fantasy That Victoria’s Secret is Missing Out On. I talked to Lucia Blake, founder of TRANSMISSIONS, a radical trans activist group based in London (UK), about the fashion show and resistance campaign she created as a big f**k you to Victoria Secret’s trans exclusive vision. If you have ever walked down Stoke Newington Road in Dalston (East London), you probably have passed a nondescript doorway several times without giving it a second glance. From the outside, it looks like an average retail space, maybe an old storefront or a… Keep Reading

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How to be #GENDERWOKE” in 2019:

A Basic Guide for Allies Dedicated to Supporting Gender Diversity Phew! We made it to 2019! 2018 was an iconic year for transgender rights and generally elevating the visibility of gender diversity. We have a brand new year ahead to tackle trans and broader LGBTIQ+ rights and we need you allies to become more involved in educating folks more than ever. We need you to tackle the prejudices you hear and see on a daily basis. There is no reason for allies to NOT be up to scratch with the latest issues related to gender. After perusing the internet looking… Keep Reading

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