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Friends with Benefits

There was a time when relationships between gay men were more that a simple “swipe left” of pure eros. In the past, gay men bonded over a shared sense of discrimination, inequality, and sometimes danger. Recent advances in LGBTQ equality around gay men see themselves; a new generation of men can now add “husband” to their vocabulary, and the proverbial white picket fence can be had. Although it is not a relationship often shown in the media or reflected in books and movies, gay men do not always seek camaraderia in night clubs, bitch at Sunday brunch, or shop foe… Keep Reading

Real Talk

What have been THE GREATEST CHALLENGES faced by you personally or as a movement & what do you see for the / FUTURE Progression of this IDEA?

For me personally it’s been a long-term struggle to articulate and assert myself as male. I’ve always believed myself to be in the wrong body since I was a child. Yet when I was growing up, being gay (let alone trans) wasn’t a public topic. I accepted the label lesbian/gay because it was “easier” for people to understand. It took me a long time a name change. In the US this is a very current topic, so it’s imperative that the LGBTQ community continues to champion the trans cause to help broaden the public discussion and secure trans rights. Keep Reading

Real Talk

What do you believe to be the greatest achivement from the LGBT community.

I think it depends on who you ask. For those that want to assimilate and adhere to “the binary” the legalization of the gay marriage was pretty monumental. From more meta perspective, I’d say the increased public discussion is the greatest achivement. From increased awarenes, I think it has helped alleviate bullying and discrimination in some areas. We’re far from finished with this issie, but I’d consider some places in the US to be relatively safe for individuals in the comunnity and that sense of decurity is crucial for anyone to thrive. Keep Reading

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