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Sexual Harassment within the Lesbian Community

By: Amber Logan Within this current societal shift, brought about mostly by straight women coming forward with their stories of sexual misconduct and abuse, it has lead me to think about the prevalence of sexual misconduct within the lesbian community. I don’t have any personal experience of sexual misconduct or predation, but I have quite a few friends who have shared their own stories of abuse and misconduct. From abusive studs to fems becoming stalkers and the use of emotional blackmail. I find myself questioning the mainstream narrative. Is the perceived absence of power as corrupting as absolute power? I… Keep Reading

First Woman On Top: Andrea Jenkins

Not only is Andrea Jenkins the first openly trans black woman to be elected to public office in the United States following a Minneapolis election on November 7th—she’s also an artist, activist, and leader who has been serving her community for decades. According to her website, Jenkins is a “poet, writer, and multimedia visual and performance artist, [and] author of two chapbooks.” She’s won a variety of grants, fellowships, and scholarships for her poetry and spoken word performances. Check out her TED talk, “Why I Wear Purple.” Alongside her artistic contributions, Jenkins has a long history of service via nonprofit… Keep Reading


National Day Of Mourning

How ridiculous is it that kids still learn about Thanksgiving as a shared meal between Native Americans and Pilgrims; an occasion to make paper Turkeys and share your favorite dish with the class? Like many of the stories we’re told about our nation’s history, Thanksgiving is built upon a lie. The legendary dinner between Pilgrims and Native Americans was actually made up by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War—a unity story meant to bring people together during a time of division. In truth, Thanksgiving Day corresponds with a treaty made between Native Americans and Pilgrims. The treaty promised mutual protection… Keep Reading

From Greenwood To Los Angeles: Empowering The Transgender Rights Movement

Blossom Brown is a self-described “trans health advocate, HIV/AIDs advocate, actress, activist, and motivational speaker, along with being a Greater Than Aids ambassador.” She is an accomplished advocate and transgender woman. She makes these facts of her identity openly now, but had not always felt at ease is sharing who she was. Our Editor-In-Chief, Griffin Gram, had the opportunity to sit with Blossom Brown and discuss her real life struggles and activism. “I completely felt like I was in the wrong body.” Going back to the beginning, Blossom was born in Greenwood, Mississippi and raised in the City of Jackson.… Keep Reading

Entertainment & LifeStyle

“Love is Love and it Always Wins”

Part of our team had the pleasure of attending Las Vegas Pride (Oct 20, 2017-Oct 22, 2017). The city greeted us with love and rainbows, it radiated with hope. Despite, or maybe because of the Oct 1, 2017 tragedy that claimed 58 lives, and left too many wounded, there was a record breaking number of attendees at this year’s festivities. Upon arrival the first thing we noticed was the heavy police presence, it was evident that the organizers prioritized festival goers’ safety above all. “After October 1 we got in touch with Metro, we beefed up the security team that… Keep Reading

Real Talk


“Me Too. I was only eight years old when my body became a tool for someone else’s sexual pleasure. For me, the actual abuse never hurt physically. I didn’t know what it was, and it was nothing but “our little secret.” But with time, what had been going on was revealed. By the age of twelve I was destroyed by the shame I felt for what I had been through.” It was never my choice to be abused. The acts made me feel so guilty. I would think back and wish that I could have said “No,”but I never did,… Keep Reading

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Catching Up With Jake Graf

The LGBT Sentinel had the pleasure of catching up with filmmaker Jake Graf- his engagement, his new projects, and what to look forward to. Congratulations on the proposal. So, can you tell us how you proposed and where? I proposed to Hannah whilst on holiday in New York two weeks ago. Hannah had always said that she’d like me to propose somewhere warm and away from London, so when we booked our annual break I started putting things in motion, finding a ring and speaking to her father, in truly traditional form! I took her out onto the pond in… Keep Reading

Lifestyle/News/Weekly news

Being Your Authentic Self: A Los Angeles Safe Haven

The LGBT Sentinel sat down with Pastor Curt D. Thomas, Senior Pastor and founding member of local spiritual safe haven for members of the LGBTQ community, The Renewed Church Of Los Angeles. Not only has the church helped create and inspire many resources for our Los Angeles LGBT community, but they also recently helped 30 transgender women launch a church in Sacramento, CA. We chatted with Pastor Curt over the weekend and discussed the history and relevance of the Renewed Church of Los Angeles. The Pastor was inspired to start the church movement after recovering from severe grief over being… Keep Reading

Entertainment & LifeStyle

WeHo Halloween: World’s Largest Carnival

Home to the largest Halloween carnival in the world, West Hollywood’s notorious festival draws in crowds of over half a million people each year and counting. This event has been taking place since 1987, just 3 years after West Hollywood was officially incorporated as its own city. It remains the city’s largest and most inclusive LGBTQ event. A pioneer of LGBTQ rights, West Hollywood (WeHo as known locally) delivers one of the most diverse events of the year. Located on a part of the historic Route 66, people come together and take to the streets to express themselves and mingle… Keep Reading

Entertainment & LifeStyle

October Reading List

Here are our October LGBTQ YA picks Here at The LGBT Sentinel, the team loves a good read. This month we focus on LGBT authors in the Young Adult world. We shine a spotlight on these authors who have made us laugh, cry, and smile. These authors take us into the world of diverse characters, all of whom we can relate to and identify with. Share your favorite authors with us and if you are an author, email because we’d love to showcase your work. Tillie Walden SPINNING Ignatz Award winner Tillie Walden’s powerful graphic memoir captures what it’s… Keep Reading

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