Self Aware & Caught In The Identity Cross Fire

If you’ve ever been hurt in a relationship you might have considered being alone, regrouping and focusing  on yourself. Some of us explore ourselves inwardly and outwardly finding that we ourselves are fluid with all genders. When it comes to dating many of us want a better answer that explains our ideas about what definitions to use. GLAAD is a media group helping shape the narrative by provoking dialogue that leads to cultural change. Social attention is on correctness and definitions while Pansexuality among other LGBTQIA+ extensions is a organic existence and presents a love towards all human beings. The… Keep Reading

Photo From the 'Curious" video, © 2018 EMPIRE / Atlantic Recording Corporation
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Hayley Kiyoko An Inspiration

Hayley Kiyoko recently came out with her album ‘Expectations’ this year and it has become an instant hit. With every song being about women, her own experiences, and mental health, it has helped many queer women, young and old, discover themselves and realize they are not alone. She first found fame when she appeared on Disney’s Lemonade Mouth in 2011 and Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then she has become a role model for LGBT members everywhere. Jessie, who runs the Instagram page, explained how Hayley Kiyoko is more than just an artist, “I think the fact shes openly… Keep Reading

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Love Simon movie review:

In today’s day and age, we are constantly questioning our sexuality. What am I? What do I like? What age is the right age? When do you know? Are you born with it? When do you discuss it with your children? When do you tell your parents? Your friends? Do they care? How are schools taking to the “two dads or two moms” and dealing with kids still feeling the need to bully about this? As an older sister to a baby girl and six year old boy I am hoping to build the environment where if they do decide… Keep Reading

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Keep Art Straight

Politics and religion have been tested changed and destroyed over the course of time. How we get our information has changed, how we interact with each other has changed and what we classify as disorders or mental illness. What hasn’t changed is fine art and its way to express our truth, having it transcending time even. I see everyday an opportunity for better understanding of my own cognitive mind and how it works with others. How I respond to my conflicts and obstacles. Life presented so many ways to see clarity in dispositions. To filter and process content is vital… Keep Reading

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Restaurant Review of Spartina on Melrose

Ever wonder where to eat when cruising along Melrose while looking for some new clothes? Eating in Los Angeles can be difficult especially if you’re the indecisive type. Look no further! Italian hot spot Spartina is not here to play games! I had heard about Spartina on a local LA foodie blog. They raved about their breakfast pizza, the whipped ricotta & home made bread & short rib raviolis… my heart was set on trying this place out! Something that I really appreciate about living in Hollywood is restaurants opening every other month giving you a vast array of options! I decided… Keep Reading

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Brazil and the LGBT Community Part 2: Interview with Sayonara a LGBT from Brazil

While writing my article about the crimes against the LGBT community in Brazil, I reached out to one of my oldest friends (we met when we were 14 years old…) Sayonara came out to me when she was 16, I always knew. She didn’t like boys. She liked being one of the boys. Sayonara is a beautiful soul and woman living in between Paris & Rio De Janeiro… I asked her to give us her perspective on what was happening in Brazil. 1 How do you feel as an openly gay woman in Brazil? Even if in Brazil a lot… Keep Reading

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Brazil and the LGBT Community

Brazil, we know it for its beautiful people, colorful landscapes, beautiful beaches, Carnival & of course Mojitos! However a very dark side is coming to light with the media being able to transmit information freely thru internet and social media. In 2017 there was a 30% increase of deaths from 2016. Research proves that those deaths were almost directly related to Homophobia. With the insane numbers of 387 Murders and 58 suicides, Brazil is becoming the most violent country. The Transgender community of Brazil is still scarred from the horrific video of Dandara Dos Santos who was beated to death… Keep Reading

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Wedding season is upon us everyone!

A beautiful show of love and trust. While in certain states it’s still frowned upon to marry your partner but not your 2nd cousin… We’ve heard Some great news has arrived! MGM Resort International have funded an album of Classic wedding songs that have been modified; it is called UNIVERSAL LOVE and will include tracks by: Bob Dylan is the 1929 Neil Moret classic “She’s Funny That Way”, remade with a male pronoun. June performs Noel Coward’s “Mad About the Boy”, Kesha takes Janis Joplin’s “I Need a Man to Love”, Gibbard tackles The Beatles’ “And I Love Her”, Kele… Keep Reading

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Why the Queer Eye reboot has me YAS-ing so hard:

**SPOILERS AHEAD** A straight male colleague of mine once told me he genuinely enjoys the attention of gay men. We were working on a festival together and the host and owner of the farmstead was a rugged, grizzled gay man living in the middle of the mountains. He was an old friend of the production team’s and was well known for teasing and flirting with all the guys that came to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into running the event. When I asked my colleague how he found our host’s suggestive remarks and playful touch he said, “I like… Keep Reading

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Transgender Day of Visibility: Inspiring Stories

Social media has given a voice to many who have been silenced in the real world. By being able to voice themselves and express themselves through words and art, transgender individuals and others being put down have been able to be themselves. March 31st is a day when support and expression go hand and hand, many individuals have taken to social media, online support groups, and writing platforms to share their stories and challenges. Below are stories that I have been told by individuals who have gone through challenges and oppression and how they have grown from their experiences and… Keep Reading

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