Brazil and the LGBT Community

Brazil, we know it for its beautiful people, colorful landscapes, beautiful beaches, Carnival & of course Mojitos! However a very dark side is coming to light with the media being able to transmit information freely thru internet and social media. In 2017 there was a 30% increase of deaths from 2016. Research proves that those deaths were almost directly related to Homophobia. With the insane numbers of 387 Murders and 58 suicides, Brazil is becoming the most violent country. The Transgender community of Brazil is still scarred from the horrific video of Dandara Dos Santos who was beated to death… Keep Reading

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Wedding season is upon us everyone!

A beautiful show of love and trust. While in certain states it’s still frowned upon to marry your partner but not your 2nd cousin… We’ve heard Some great news has arrived! MGM Resort International have funded an album of Classic wedding songs that have been modified; it is called UNIVERSAL LOVE and will include tracks by: Bob Dylan is the 1929 Neil Moret classic “She’s Funny That Way”, remade with a male pronoun. June performs Noel Coward’s “Mad About the Boy”, Kesha takes Janis Joplin’s “I Need a Man to Love”, Gibbard tackles The Beatles’ “And I Love Her”, Kele… Keep Reading

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Why the Queer Eye reboot has me YAS-ing so hard:

**SPOILERS AHEAD** A straight male colleague of mine once told me he genuinely enjoys the attention of gay men. We were working on a festival together and the host and owner of the farmstead was a rugged, grizzled gay man living in the middle of the mountains. He was an old friend of the production team’s and was well known for teasing and flirting with all the guys that came to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into running the event. When I asked my colleague how he found our host’s suggestive remarks and playful touch he said, “I like… Keep Reading

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Transgender Day of Visibility: Inspiring Stories

Social media has given a voice to many who have been silenced in the real world. By being able to voice themselves and express themselves through words and art, transgender individuals and others being put down have been able to be themselves. March 31st is a day when support and expression go hand and hand, many individuals have taken to social media, online support groups, and writing platforms to share their stories and challenges. Below are stories that I have been told by individuals who have gone through challenges and oppression and how they have grown from their experiences and… Keep Reading


Travel Tips

Today I am discussing something that we don’t talk about enough… Travel anxiety! Spring break is coming up fast! Do you get freaked out before your flight? Do you forget something while packing? Do you arrive with a bikini at a ski resort? (trust me I did it…) It happens to all of us! Frazzle brain is a common side effect of traveling and not planning ahead. I have traveled since I was 2 years old. Flying long international flights can sometimes be tiring. But it can also be an amazing experience! 1st tip:  always check the wheels on your… Keep Reading

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Donald Trump’s Ban On Transgender Troops

Since the last attempt of Trump’s transgender blanket ban last year many have become outraged at the United States’ president. Many protested and contacted their state’s representatives but Donald Trump has still gone forward with his ban. On March 23, 2018, Trump released a new memorandum that states that transgender individuals that require or have undergone gender transition cannot serve. Also, individuals who have a history of gender dysphoria cannot serve because they bring a burden to the military. Gender dysphoria means to have the experience of distress or discomfort as a result of a disparity between a person’s biological… Keep Reading

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Event Review: The Los Angeles LGBT Center‘s 13th annual Simply diVine

The Los Angeles LGBT Center‘s 13th annual Simply diVine, an amazing evening of food and drink for the LGBT community and their allies, this year took place on March 24 at the iconic Hollywood Forever, a cemetery known as a Hollywood landmark. The event, from 6 to 9 p.m., featured live music, samples of food and drinks from popular West Hollywood and Los Angeles restaurants, wineries, distilleries and breweries. All proceeds will support the LGBT Center’s programs and services. This year the proceeds are going towards building a center for the LGBT youth and homeless youth. Which of course is… Keep Reading


Indigenous Women Are Murdered At 10 Times the National Average Rate In The United States

Fact. That statistic comes from the report submitted in 2008 by the United States Department of Justice. If you haven’t already heard of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement, now is the time to get familiar because we see no light at the end of the tunnel with the numbers of our North American Native women, girls, and two-spirited people going missing. Where are they going and who is taking them? The answer is uncertain, but by taking a look at the recent case of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, an 8-month pregnant 22-year old of Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Spirit Lake… Keep Reading

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10 ways to show yourself some #selflove this Valentine’s Day:

A friend once told me that, when it comes to relationships, “giving more than you have to give makes the other person a thief.” It’s easy to lose ourselves in love when we take what little energetic resources we have and divert them into someone else. It can leave us feeling drained, faded and quite possibly resentful. The question is, does your “cup runneth over”? Is your well full? Do you have enough for yourself, let alone for anyone else? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a day dedicated to celebrating love, I think it’s worth reminding ourselves of… Keep Reading

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The Obamas, Kehinde Wiley, and Amy Sherald- Black Excellence

The unveiling of President Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s portraits marked a great deal of firsts for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. President Barack Obama was the first black president this nation has had, and now the first one to adorn the NPG. First Lady Michelle Obama was the first black First Lady to the nation and now the NPG as well. As for the man and woman behind the magic of these two portraits, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald- the first black artists to grace the walls of the NPG. All this black excellence made poetically perfect… Keep Reading

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