Indigenous Women Are Murdered At 10 Times the National Average Rate In The United States

Fact. That statistic comes from the report submitted in 2008 by the United States Department of Justice. If you haven’t already heard of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement, now is the time to get familiar because we see no light at the end of the tunnel with the numbers of our North American Native women, girls, and two-spirited people going missing. Where are they going and who is taking them? The answer is uncertain, but by taking a look at the recent case of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, an 8-month pregnant 22-year old of Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Spirit Lake… Keep Reading

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10 ways to show yourself some #selflove this Valentine’s Day:

A friend once told me that, when it comes to relationships, “giving more than you have to give makes the other person a thief.” It’s easy to lose ourselves in love when we take what little energetic resources we have and divert them into someone else. It can leave us feeling drained, faded and quite possibly resentful. The question is, does your “cup runneth over”? Is your well full? Do you have enough for yourself, let alone for anyone else? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a day dedicated to celebrating love, I think it’s worth reminding ourselves of… Keep Reading

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The Obamas, Kehinde Wiley, and Amy Sherald- Black Excellence

The unveiling of President Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s portraits marked a great deal of firsts for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. President Barack Obama was the first black president this nation has had, and now the first one to adorn the NPG. First Lady Michelle Obama was the first black First Lady to the nation and now the NPG as well. As for the man and woman behind the magic of these two portraits, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald- the first black artists to grace the walls of the NPG. All this black excellence made poetically perfect… Keep Reading

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Being Queer and Religious. Can the Two Mix? / Real Talk

I’ve been really trying to find a conclusive answer to this question ever since I realized that I am Bi, and I think that I have come to the conclusion that it is something you need to figure out for yourself and become comfortable with. I remember trying to pray my gay thoughts away because growing up in a strict African and Christian home, there was no way I should’ve been thinking about those thing. Yet no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, it was still there because it is a part of who I am. I started… Keep Reading

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Theatrical Review: The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Home Alone

When anyone mentions Home Alone, naturally Macaulay Culkin’s screaming face comes to mind- that is until you visit the Rockwell LA and watch Kate Pazakis’ remarkable adaptation of John Hughes’ 1990’s Christmas classic “Home Alone”. Donned “The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Home Alone” the play makes you laugh, reminisce and listen in awe. While it is a parody, the tunes the cast belt out- are no joke, we sincerely believe Hughes would be proud. In this adaptation, gender norms are thrown out the window as Natalie Lander (alternatively Valerie Rose Curiel) steals the show and our breath as the adorable… Keep Reading

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Labels within the Lesbian Community

There are biological factors that propagate and allow pattern recognition and correlation inherently in humans. This allowed us to survive and adapt, from hunter gathers to modern Homo sapiens of today. Labels and the ability to identify patterns were and still are a survival skill. This latent human “software” that at one point in time kept us alive and therefore was passed down through DNA has a bit of “mal ware” so to speak in that an insidious issue has been given free reign and an opportunity to flourish. In the lesbian community labels are a by-product of an evolutionary… Keep Reading

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5 Reasons I’d Never Turn Straight Even if I Could

How often do you consciously think about your sexual orientation? The way I see it, the ultimate goal of any “coming out” journey for an LGBTQ individual is to reach the point where your sexual orientation or your gender expression isn’t forefront in your mind all day. Let me explain: I have a supportive family. I live in a city where I’m safe to hold my girlfriend’s hand in public. I’m surrounded by a queer community that validates me. At no point during the day do I ever think that my life is out of the ordinary – and I’m… Keep Reading

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Dan Reynolds Wages War on Mormon Church

Imagine Dragon’s lead singer Dan Reynolds, has waged war on the Mormon Church- specifically their dreadful policies against the LGBT community. Reynolds has been quite vocal about his disapproval of the Church’s stand against the LGBT community. His critique comes from a place of love though, “I don’t feel a need to denounce Mormonism. I do feel a need as a Mormon to take a stand against things that are hurting people.” Reynolds clarifies. LGBT Mormon members who have a same-sex attraction are forced to suppress their feelings, marry their heterosexual counterpart, or be celibate if they chose to continue… Keep Reading

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Nancy Pelosi, RuPaul’s Drag Race’s First Politician Guest Judge

The California Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi has confirmed via Twitter that she will be a guest judge in VH1’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. The Democratic Leader said in a Tweet Thursday, January 18, 2018; “All I can say is, you betta werk! Had a fabulous time with @RuPaul and good luck to all the queens. . The House Minority Leader will appear on an (already filmed) episode in the upcoming Season “Drag Race All-Stars” set to premier sometime January 25, 2018. Pelosi is the former Speaker of the House, the first woman, first Californian, and first Italian-American to lead a major party… Keep Reading


Abercrombie Kids Launches Gender Inclusive Everybody Collection

Abercrombie Kids is challenging gender norms with their new Everybody Collection, a unisex line “for every kind of kid”. The new 25-piece line is gender neutral and is available both online and in brick and mortar stores. The line features hoodies, long-sleeve T-Shirts, bomber jackets, and crew neck sweatshirts, in camouflage, pink and tie-dye effects. Kids from a variety of ages and genders are seen wearing the clothing on the site’s website. According to brand president of Abercrombie & Fitch and Abercrombie Kids, Stacia Anderson said, “Parents and their kids don’t want to be confined to specific colors and styles,… Keep Reading

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