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I always wondered how renters an homeowners  were affected through this pandemic? I wonder how this pandemic affected their family?  As the coronavirus pandemic continues to roll across the U.S., keeping many individuals in semi-isolation, millions are already out of work for the foreseeable future and others are likely to become so. How will those suddenly without income be able to keep a roof over their heads?

The federal government and individual states are stepping in to provide protection for homeowners and renters.

On the state level, some initiatives are specifically intended to provide relief to homeowners and tenants financially impacted by COVID-19, while others—such as judicial orders suspending nonemergency civil cases including evictions and foreclosures—are aimed at protecting court personnel and the public from contamination during face-to-face hearings.

Also, some of the orders prohibiting evictions apply only to residents financially harmed by the pandemic. Landlords may be able to proceed with evictions for other causes, such as criminal activity.

The orders and suspensions are temporary and mostly tied to the end of stay-at-home and shelter-in-place periods. The orders generally only prevent landlords and lenders from executing or moving forward with law enforcement actions or, less commonly, legal proceedings that would lead to eviction or foreclosure.

Tenants and homeowners ultimately will still be responsible for making their rent and mortgage payments. Only a few jurisdictions have initiatives that go beyond temporary forbearance to potentially provide financial assistance to some homeowners and tenants.

But my question to you is, through this pandemic will renters an homeowners  be able to make these payments without jobs an reliable resources?

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