Restaurant Review of Spartina on Melrose

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Ever wonder where to eat when cruising along Melrose while looking for some new clothes? Eating in Los Angeles can be difficult especially if you’re the indecisive type.
Look no further! Italian hot spot Spartina is not here to play games!
I had heard about Spartina on a local LA foodie blog. They raved about their breakfast pizza, the whipped ricotta & home made bread & short rib raviolis… my heart was set on trying this place out!
Something that I really appreciate about living in Hollywood is restaurants opening every other month giving you a vast array of options!
I decided to go and try the magical Italian restaurant located on Melrose next to the old Johnny Rockets diner.
I entered the patio where string of lights and cozy benches and tables were set up. Very romantic yet comfortable enough for a first date or a family gathering. A group of women were celebrating a bachelorette party while a couple ate dinner next to them.
I decided to sit inside at the bar and order a glass of wine. It was a Saturday night & the restaurant was bustling with various of groups of people. I appreciated the kindness and warmth of the bar tender who was happy to explain to me the different dishes on the menu.
The decor was minimal concrete and contemporary. The lighting was warm. It felt hip and fun.
I sat at the bar but in the main dining room I could see it was an open kitchen, a simple touch that makes the experience so much more enjoyable!
On to the food…
I decided to listen to what was popular from the bar tender;
Whipped ricotta with fresh bread
Wood grilled octopus
Short rib tortellini
And of course their tomato tartare with burrata.
It was the most explosif combination of flavors I had experienced in a while!
Everything was perfectly cooked & served in a timely manner.
The service was nice and happy to discuss their popular dishes (meatballs & prosciutto pizza I’m coming for you next time!)
This restaurant is in the higher price bracket count about $35-50 a person depending if you enjoy wine with your food. Dress code is casual but if you come for dinner I would recommend dressing up it’s a very photogenic setting!
It’s an enjoyable location with great bars surrounding. After my dinner I met up with friends at the Umbrella Wine Bar
The revival of Melrose in the last few months has been great for the community and neighborhood and hopefully continues to expand with great
Spots like Spartina!
Be sure to tag the LGBT Sentinel if you try it out and let us know what you thought!
Written by Charly More

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