Who Said Back To School?

Who Said Back To School? 

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Even though we’re still in quarantined an still require the wear mask. But yet, School is back in session? Yet, we’re still taking the chance of our children going to school an interacting with other children? Doesn’t that against the whole quarantine through this pandemic? What part of social distancing is that?

I feel it’s more of a risk to have our children at school. I feel there’s more of a chance of our children catching this plague.

Yes, children can catch COVID-19, but they are less likely to than adults. A study published in Science has shown that children under age 14 are between one-third and one-half as likely as adults to contract the virus. Another group of researchers looked at 2,000 children and teachers in schools around the German state of Saxony. Tests were carried out in several schools after reopening where there had been known outbreaks of the virus. There were few coronavirus antibodies among children and teachers indicating that only some of them had gotten the disease.

Around 7% of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. have been among children younger than 18, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, older Americans now represent a lower percentage of infections than they did at the start of the outbreak. Most schools around the country closed in March as the virus began to circulate more widely. That could explain why fewer children got sick.

– Karina Zaiets, Veronica Bravo and Jennifer Borresen

Advocates for resuming school in person, including President Donald Trump, have repeatedly claimed that children pose less of a risk of spreading COVID-19, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

About 245,000 youth from birth to 17 have tested positive, according to the latest data from the CDC. Hundreds have transmitted the virus at summer camps and youth programs that have welcomed kids, often with the kinds of hygiene, masking and physical distancing rules proposed by many schools.

More than 300 cases have been linked to state child care facilities in California, 62 in Pennsylvania and 54 in North Carolina, according to data published by those states.

In Georgia, at least 260 people became infected in June at an overnight youth camp where the median age of campers was 12 and staff members 17, according to a CDC report. The first person – a teenage staffer – became sick two days after the first weeklong camp session. Officials started sending campers home the next day and closed the camp by the end of the week.

– Jayme Fraser and Dan Keemahill

So I ask, do you think it’s a great idea 💡 for school to be back in session?

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