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It’s been a long fight an crazy two years with Covid-19. An I think we can all say we’re ready for this chapter in what we call life  to be over. With thousands of Americans lives lost an being quarantined, we can all say better late than never with producing an manufacturing the, COVID-19 Vaccination. All thanks to our former President, Biden.
President Biden on Tuesday announced the U.S. will have enough vaccine supply to cover all adults by the end of May, significantly sooner than his previous timeline of July. That’s made possible because of the third vaccine by Johnson & Johnson, which is now available for emergency use and being shipped across the country.
The president announced a new partnership between competitors Johnson & Johnson and pharmaceutical giant Merck. The partnership, first reported by The Washing Post, will help Johnson & Johnson produce more of its single-shot vaccine that was authorized over the weekend for emergency use. Mr. Biden’s end of May timeline doesn’t mean all American adults will be vaccinated by then, as administering the shots will take longer.
A senior administration official said Merck will dedicate two factories to filling and producing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This has the potential to dramatically increase the supply of the vaccine, though it could take a couple months to get the Merck production process going.
As of now I think we can all say things are starting to slowly change for the better good. And this will hopefully be the end of the COVID-19 Virus. An we can all go back to our daily normal lives.
But according to some scientists an expert people will still not be able to return to their pre-pandemic activities, said public health experts. A sense of normalcy won’t return until we approach 70% or more of Americans vaccinated.
An we as the people can only make this happen.
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