Social Consciousness:

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During this pandemic I ask you how has Social Consciousness, has changed. I feel we are all becoming more aware of what’s going on around us. I feel we are more conscious about our actions an what we as individuals are perceiving to the world. I feel we are evolving more as one. Which brings us to A discussion for the necessity of the submission of the current educational system to the quickly evolving mass consciousness of the post coronavirus state for a united humanity.

The raising of social consciousness as the new worldview was established prior to coronavirus, yet now elevated from extreme potential energy into rotational motion of kinetic energy, is in the first stage of realization through the activation of the boundary state as reached through our collective consciousness as exhibited through a mass exodus from the old way of thinking and living.

Our old way of thinking, living, producing and consuming was all completed with the intention for self gratification, self fulfillment, albeit necessary to some degree for our existence. Nature’s example of not overproducing, over consuming, with no intention for self fulfillment to excess is the picture of completeness which we must seek to adhere to for sustainability of balance. This balance is that which is necessary for all subjects within the system to exist together, without stealing from its source without giving back enough to complete the circle.

The question is, Are You Here For The Change?

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