Spare Parts for Broken Hearts to Play at Community Nest Foundation Gala

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On the 8th December 2018, The Community Nest Foundation will be hosting a Black Tie Red Carpet Gala in Los Angeles to honor the LGBT community’s finest for outstanding acts and achievements.

Included in the night’s line-up will be a performance by three-piece, post-grunge band, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts. True alternative rock music is hard to come by these days, but Spare Parts’ sound “is a nostalgic nod to the beloved dynamic of classic ‘90s fuzz-drenched melodies, (…) with a modern and memorable kick to the teeth.”


Spare Parts is fronted by out queer singer Sarah Green (a.k.a SG) whose raw performance and vocals have been described as “gritty, soulful and unique, Green’s voice and guitar skills exhibit her natural musicality.”



“There’s something about watching Ms. Green perform live. There’s an innate intensity to the music they perform, and getting the chance to be up front to watch her sing their repertoire,snarling and growling into the mic is something that gets me riled up every time.”
Blurred Culture

For more information on the event, see details below:

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