Strength – Poetry

in Real Talk

Have Strength, Pull Through You’re Strong Enough For It.
When You Break Down Those Are The Words You Will Hear Each And Every Time.
How Strong Can You Be When You Just ….Keep Falling?
How Can You Stay Strong When You Just Feel Like You Don’t Have It In You No More?
Strength In Life Can Be Used In Many Different Ways But When You’re Alone. Nobody Around, In The Dark, Alone With Just Your Thoughts.
Where’s The Strength Then? When Every Part Of Your Body Is Telling You No,
When You’re Losing Yourself And Can’t Seem To Find The Right Words To Tell Somebody, Anybody!
Or When You’re Just Staying Strong Because Everybody Needs You To
But In all Reality
The Next Stumble,
Just Might Be The Last One
That Final Straw
To Everything,
The Pain, The Hurt, The Confusion. The Things That Just Kept Knocking You Down.
Where’s The Strength Then?
Gone, Nowhere to be found.

-Dominic Franklin

Photo credit: Eko Adiyanto

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