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Drag Star Alyssa Edwards Gets Her Own Netflix Original

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

Fan favourite from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Alyssa Edwards, has been given her own Netflix Original called Dancing Queen, due to premiere on October 5th 2018.

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Cape Town’s Drag Scene on 35mm Film

in International/Photography

Explore Cape Town’s blossoming drag and queer scene through the work of photographer Lauren Brits. Using a medium that is both nostalgic and timeless, she captures the queer underground zeitgeist of South Africa’s Mother City in dream-like stills

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Outfest Review: The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson

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Marsha P “Pay It No Mind” Johnson Stonewall Veteran, Performer, Panhandler, Prostitute, Warhol Model. 1945 – 1992   In the early hours of June 28th, 1969, the NYPD raided New York City’s Stonewall Inn. Marsha P. Johnson is credited, along with friend Sylvia Rivera, as being one of the first to fight back against the police raid. This kickstarted the iconic Stonewall Riots and marked the beginning of the gay liberation movement. On July 6th, 1992, just over 23 years later, her body was found in the Hudson River. The police ruled it a suicide, whereas her friends insisted it was…

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