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Ban on Kenyan lesbian film Rafiki is lifted for 7 days & sells out in Nairobi

in Art & Culture/Entertainment & LifeStyle/International

During the #SevenDaysOfRafiki the movie was shown in cinemas in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. Movie-goers were asked to provide ID to prove they were over 18. The first screening in Nairobi sold out, and the Prestige Cinema even had to increase the number of screenings of Rafiki to meet the demand.

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10 Web Series That Put the L in LGBTQ

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

Here are 10 web series that put the L in LGBTQ and give center stage to characters and storylines that haven’t been given much room on prime time TV.

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India Decriminalizes Homosexual Sex

in International/News

In a landmark victory for LGBTQI rights, the Indian supreme court struck down a law dating back to 1861, which criminalized homosexual sexual activities.

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Ruby Rose Deactivates Twitter Amid Batwoman Backlash

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

After being cast in the role of lesbian superhero Batwoman, Ruby Rose has been the target of fierce online backlash.

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6 LGBTQ Comics Artists to Follow on Instagram

in Art & Culture

Discover 6 LGBTQ comic artists who will fill your Instagram feed full of queer stories and characters from across the rainbow spectrum!

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Final Fantasy XV: Rethinking Gender Balance and Thematic Elements, 

in Blog/Entertainment/Weekly news

  I have the pleasure of being a Generation-X gamer whose first system was an NES and have owned every Nintendo and Sony console since I started gaming for my eighth birthday not with Super Mario Bros., but with the original Final Fantasy. The movies and cartoons and breakfast cereal that I grew up with aren’t a source of nostalgic enjoyment, but plain old enjoyment–if I never grew out of something, I never missed it, and neither did my friends. My life has been pretty boring and uneventful, even my coming out was fairly nonchalant when one day I started…

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