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The Gender Identification Flags You Should Know About For Pride Season!

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How many gender pride and identification flags do you know about? The ‘complete’ guides to queer pride flags on the internet do little to recognize the multiplicity of gender identities and their respective flags. So, this pride season we thought we would share some flags you don’t see everyday! We have seen transgender, agender, non-binary, genderqueer and genderfluid flags before – but what about the others? Some of you may be thinking- there are more? The simple answer is yes- a lot more. With more gender identities gaining visibility under the transgender and non-binary umbrella, this guide highlights some lesser…

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Ruby Rose Deactivates Twitter Amid Batwoman Backlash

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

After being cast in the role of lesbian superhero Batwoman, Ruby Rose has been the target of fierce online backlash.

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