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9 International Queer Coming of Age Films You Should Watch

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

These 9 international films tackle the same subject: what it means to come of age as an LGBTQ individual & they do it with subtlety, rawness & grace.

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Cape Town’s Drag Scene on 35mm Film

in International/Photography

Explore Cape Town’s blossoming drag and queer scene through the work of photographer Lauren Brits. Using a medium that is both nostalgic and timeless, she captures the queer underground zeitgeist of South Africa’s Mother City in dream-like stills

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The Consumer You Can’t Ignore: Our $3.7 Trillion Spending Power

in Blog/Real Talk/Weekly

Moneytalks: Recent studies show that the global LGBTQ+ market is growing rapidly. In 2015, the yearly “spending power” of LGBT people globally was estimated at $3.7 trillion, according to LGBT Capital. Global LGBTQ+ tourism in particular has been on the uptick for years, with an annual worth upwards of $211 billion, according to WTM London in 2016. As context for these numbers, the spending power of black consumers in the United States is averaged at $1.3 billion, and the spending power of women in the United States lies somewhere between $5 and $15 billion, according to Nielsen Consumer. However, in…

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Giving Back: A History & Guide

in Blog/Real Talk/The-Nation/Weekly

LGBT charities and non-profits, which can be the same organization, exist to provide advocacy, awareness, and a safe haven for those individuals in the LGBT community that need a place to turn to. LGBT charities in the United States have been around for many years now, but they got their real start in the 1920’s. In 1924, Henry Gerber founded the Society for Human Rights, which was the first officially recognized gay rights organization in the United States. Twenty-six years later, the Mattachine Society was founded in 1950-51 by Harry Hay. This was the first major gay rights organization in…

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Global Gay Rights

in Blog/Real Talk/Weekly

With the progressive nature of society, it seems barbaric to think that the LGBT community could be treated as criminal in the year 2017. For many citizens, this is the case. Currently, there are 8 countries in which being a homosexual can result in the death penalty. Additionally, there are 72 countries where simply being a part of the LGBT community is still criminalized and can result in legal punishment. If action is taken against someone in this geographic location, it could end in harsh retribution such as a prison sentence. Although, many countries over the last century have made…

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Qigong: The Yoga of China

in Health & Fitness

Most people have never heard of Qigong. Most people don’t even know how to pronounce it (it’s “chee goong” to approximate it, and alternatively romanized as “chi kung” too). Most people also will absolutely fall in love with it if they give it a chance. So what is Qigong? The direct translation means “movement or work with qi”, and oftentimes, people translate “qi” as “energy”, which isn’t too far from the original meaning, but for sake of simplicity, let’s say it’s energy here. Qigong is a diverse and deep practice that has many different styles and techniques, ranging from breathing…

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Belarus leads group of about 17 nations to block LGBT rights in U.N. cities plan: sources

in International

By Paola Totaro LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A group of up to 17 countries led by Belarus has blocked a plan to include the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender communities in a new urban strategy drawn up by the United Nations, according to sources close to negotiations. Canada, backed by the European Union, the United States and Mexico, had pushed for including the recognition of LGBT people and an acknowledgment of homophobia in a key policy paper to be finalised at a major UN conference in Ecuador next week. The UN’s ‘New Urban Agenda’ is a non-binding agreement…

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