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From Greenwood To Los Angeles: Empowering The Transgender Rights Movement

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Blossom Brown is a self-described “trans health advocate, HIV/AIDs advocate, actress, activist, and motivational speaker, along with being a Greater Than Aids ambassador.” She is an accomplished advocate and transgender woman. She makes these facts of her identity openly now, but had not always felt at ease is sharing who she was. Our Editor-In-Chief, Griffin Gram, had the opportunity to sit with Blossom Brown and discuss her real life struggles and activism. “I completely felt like I was in the wrong body.” Going back to the beginning, Blossom was born in Greenwood, Mississippi and raised in the City of Jackson.…

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Giving Back: A History & Guide

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LGBT charities and non-profits, which can be the same organization, exist to provide advocacy, awareness, and a safe haven for those individuals in the LGBT community that need a place to turn to. LGBT charities in the United States have been around for many years now, but they got their real start in the 1920’s. In 1924, Henry Gerber founded the Society for Human Rights, which was the first officially recognized gay rights organization in the United States. Twenty-six years later, the Mattachine Society was founded in 1950-51 by Harry Hay. This was the first major gay rights organization in…

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The Top 10 Songs That Your Playlist Should Have This Summer: Gay Edition

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Summer is here and it’s time to dance. Here are the top 10 songs you should have in your playlist. Britney Spears – Do You Wanna Come Over? I know, technically, Britney Spear’s Glory came out August 2016. But, the song isn’t a single yet, and in the days of Grindr – it’s relevant. The song is sexy and fun, and asks your lover the burning question of the summer evening – do you want to come over? Whether it’s for Netflix and chill or you skip the move altogether, this song shapes up to be the tease of the…

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How To Survive Meeting Your Ex’s New Partner

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Breakups are hard. There’s never really an easy way to say goodbye. Maybe the two of you saw it coming, maybe you both just fell out of love. When that time comes and all is said and done, where does the love go? After letting time pass you find some closure. Your ex tells you that they’ve met someone new and would like you to meet them. What do you do? Will meeting the new partner hurt you? Will it bring you down? Will it set you back or make you jealous? Many questions are going through your head, but…

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Qigong: The Yoga of China

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Most people have never heard of Qigong. Most people don’t even know how to pronounce it (it’s “chee goong” to approximate it, and alternatively romanized as “chi kung” too). Most people also will absolutely fall in love with it if they give it a chance. So what is Qigong? The direct translation means “movement or work with qi”, and oftentimes, people translate “qi” as “energy”, which isn’t too far from the original meaning, but for sake of simplicity, let’s say it’s energy here. Qigong is a diverse and deep practice that has many different styles and techniques, ranging from breathing…

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