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Little known work of lesbian photographer Donna Gottschalk On show at Leslie-Lohman Museum

in Art & Culture

Donna Gottschalk’s photographs document life as a radical lesbian in 1970s America, and are an entry point into a world of marginalized individuals that mainstream society simply “didn’t care about”.

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On Creativity, Community & Connection – An Interview with Kendall Tichner

in Real Talk

We got to ask queer creative Kendall Tichner about adaptive reuse projects, what it means to be an artist today, and what it takes to build community!

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Catching Up With Jake Graf

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

The LGBT Sentinel had the pleasure of catching up with filmmaker Jake Graf- his engagement, his new projects, and what to look forward to. Congratulations on the proposal. So, can you tell us how you proposed and where? I proposed to Hannah whilst on holiday in New York two weeks ago. Hannah had always said that she’d like me to propose somewhere warm and away from London, so when we booked our annual break I started putting things in motion, finding a ring and speaking to her father, in truly traditional form! I took her out onto the pond in…

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14 Super-Fun 80s Movies To Watch With Your Loved One On Valentine’s Day

in Entertainment/Weekly/Weekly news

It’s hard not to love the ‘80s. It’s the decade that gave us door-knocker earrings, colorful pumps, pink lipstick, Cotler “parachute” pants, scrunchie hair ties, banana clips and ribbon barrettes… What’s not to like? We also remember the amazing music that stands the test of time. Madonna’s Like A Virgin and Open Your Heart, Bon Jovi’s Runaway, and Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun remain in heavy rotation on radio stations across the nation. The lasting legacy of the ‘80s remains even in today’s pop culture. The movies of the ‘80s were no exception. This decade saw the release of countless love…

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