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Doing Just Fine Inside The Closet

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It’s that time of year again—the season when LGBTQ+ people are called upon to identify themselves to the masses. National Coming Out Day, October 11th, has just passed. In addition, the entire month has been dedicated to leaving the closet behind. Ever since I recognized my own queerness, I’ve felt uncomfortable on NCOD. But to be fair, it’s an event with a history we can all be proud of. The concept of “coming out” dates back to the 1800s, when early German advocates like Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and Magnus Hirschfeld promoted self-disclosure as a means of working towards equity for…

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Outfest 2017

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The LGBT Sentinel is thrilled to be a sponsor at Outfest LA. Here are the ten films we’re most looking forward to watching. Attending Outfest? Pick up your copy of the LGBT Sentinel when you’re there! Get your tickets : www.outfest.org/about-outfest-los-angeles/ #LGBTSentinel #OutfestLA

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How To Survive Meeting Your Ex’s New Partner

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Breakups are hard. There’s never really an easy way to say goodbye. Maybe the two of you saw it coming, maybe you both just fell out of love. When that time comes and all is said and done, where does the love go? After letting time pass you find some closure. Your ex tells you that they’ve met someone new and would like you to meet them. What do you do? Will meeting the new partner hurt you? Will it bring you down? Will it set you back or make you jealous? Many questions are going through your head, but…

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Coming Out To The Teacher: 5 Tips To Navigate This Process Each Year

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Depending on your own personality, you may prefer to start “bigger.” If your child will be in this school for a period of time, like kindergarten through fifth grade, it can help to start with the people that will not change, compared to teachers who will rotate every year. Of course, staff can leave, but starting with the principal, counselor or other higher management advocate can assist you in helping approach your child’s teacher and help you build longer lasting relationships.                                      …

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Coming Out As Asexual To Your Partner

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What I hope to say first is “Congratulations!”. You’ve probably found some answers about yourself that make sense, in more ways than one.  However frustratingly, after the relief of knowing how to identify on the sexuality spectrum, from pansexual to demi sexual to asexual, comes the anxiety and brand new questions. While groups like AVEN are building awareness and spaces for belonging and connection, the concepts are still somewhat unknown to many people. Let’s be clear that like anything else in your life, from your political leanings to sexual attractions or lack thereof, the only people who need to know…

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