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Holding Hands as an Act of Defiance #HoldTight

in Real Talk

As a young queer, the feeling of my partner’s hand slipping out of mine and shrinking away just as the door to a restaurant opened, or just as we rounded a corner and stepped onto a busy high street, was more familiar to me than the feeling of holding hands.

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Traveling with Sex Toys Could Land You in Trouble

in Travel

Traveling with sex toys to a country where they’re illegal could lead to anything from imprisonment, to being refused entry into the country, to being fined, or simply having your beloved (and possibly expensive) toy confiscated. The key is to do your research in order to travel safely!

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How To Use That Hookup App

in Blog/Entertainment & LifeStyle/Weekly

You’re Using a Hookup App? 3 Simple Ways to Stay Safe…  Once upon a time, a naive young man responded to a very attractive suitor on Grindr. After the appropriate banter, our young fellow waltzed his way to his new companion’s home with hopes and dreams of finding “the one.” Instead, he didn’t quite get his happy ending. “I’d come visit you,” his would-be prince said after a bit of one-on-one conversation, “But I can’t leave the house.” “Why?” “I’m on parole,” his new buddy lifted up his pant leg and pointed to his ankle bracelet. “I burned down my neighbor’s…

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