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San Francisco Gay Pride 2017: Day 2

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Day Two of San Francisco Pride. This was one day to remember. The city came to life with hope, kindness, and strength. Everyone stood together as one while celebrating what the world needs more of—love. The event attracted supporters in the millions this year, and the attendance was well received. Bright colors, handmade signs, and strong voices were everywhere to be found. People greeted one another with hugs and warm smiles. Other’s dancing in the streets in celebration of the day. Music was played on every block giving people such a high energy.    Welcome to Pride. Where anything goes.…

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My latest destination: Berlin. The city of darkness and the unknown. Berlin isn’t for everyone, but for those who like it the first day of arrival- you will more than likely LOVE it the second day. Case in point, by my second day,  I was ready to apply for residency. The city has personality unlike any other, especially given that it is artfully wrapped in murals and graffiti. Fun fact: Berliners compliment the almost stage-like aesthetic, as they are known for their edgy sense of style, their height, and how unbelievably nice they are. GETTING OUT/GETTING IN: I arrived to…

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