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9 Dapper Clothing Labels that Will Help You Suit Up

in Fashion

Unconventionally masculine and need to suit up for a wedding, a job interview, a graduation, or any other event that requires your sharpest, sexiest self to shine? Look no further!

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9 International Queer Coming of Age Films You Should Watch

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

These 9 international films tackle the same subject: what it means to come of age as an LGBTQ individual & they do it with subtlety, rawness & grace.

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Bi Artist Spotlight: Radical Self Love with Princess Nokia

in Blog/Entertainment & LifeStyle/Weekly

At only 24, New York artist Princess Nokia is changing the landscape of feminism in music. She embodies hip-hop like we’ve never seen before–following in the footsteps of Erykah Badu and Missy Elliot, but with a millennial individuality that denies comparison. Her breakout hit “Tomboy” is an anthem of radical self love. In the music video, her outfits alternate between baggy sweatsuits and tight bandeaus with cutoffs. She raps about her “little titties and fat belly,” exuding a jaw-dropping confidence in features that our culture has somehow deemed undesirable. That’s the beauty of this song: In interviews, Nokia has spoken…

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