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The Beast that Has Rendered mankind Useless

“As much as we think our toys, technology, and luxuries make us more advanced, the fact is it has also crippled us also taking us back to a time when polio was still an incurable decease and that is adding a bit of benefit to any doubt.”

Technology and idealisms of what we think is comfort and luxury the same thing that has killed us on the other end putting our senses to sleep dormant. Let’s be honest at least for a moment. Can you say that you don’t only have home automation or smart phone, Ipads, GPS, backup cameras in the car, Siri or one of the other million gadgets that claim to make your life easier or make you happier or more popular or more productive.

Well let’s look at this another way. I am a firm believer that Activity creates Productivity! So then how does being non-active or in this case not using our Senses our Motor skills and because of being lullabied to sleep. I actually know people who lived in Los Angeles for years and I will never forget receiving a call from a friend hysterical because their Gps wasn’t recognizing the closed on ramp 101frwy and they not only couldn’t figure out how to get back to Hollywood from downtown, (umm your down go up! SMH!) I thought this maybe easier then explaining the No. So. E. W. Well here is the real kick in the pants.

They couldn’t figure how to even get to the next entrance to the 101. DUH!… And here is the point in pointing this out, this person isn’t anymore or any less than any one of us because we are all guilty of spending too much of our money and our precious time paying attention to objects and systems that are taken away our true abilities to give attention where attention is REALLY DUE. Enslavement is enslavement any kind of way you justify it and frankly something shouldn’t ever be justified.

Its time to take things back to the roots and forget the fruit isn’t it all full of GMOs nowadays SMH! by Allan Herbert G.

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