Mya Mya Mya She All that and More!

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So just giving credit where I believe credit is due, I like to take my hat off and applauds to Mya our sweet heart we watched grow in so many different areas as an artist, singer, songwriter and performer who doesn’t need any help with kind or edifying words of due! This Lady is obviously all of that and more! 
And that part is what I really want to bring more emphasis too. Meaning the Woman behind the Talent and the calmness, the confidence, the growth and ascension to a place that many haven’t and will never reach. We seen her go through the valleys to March determinedly to the top of the Peaks!
And to see anyone who traveled on the long hard roads to Independence and being proud to hold on to the real things the consciousness to know what those real things are! Like dignity, ethics, respect and principals and most of all SOUL! HERS! 
For these reasons and so many more than we have space to write, Is why we love Mya and We Riding with Her till the Wheels Fall Off! We are looking so forward to her best which is still to come I beleive and I know she is diligently working hard at her craft as always a consummate professional and one who obviously know exactly what she is doing and what she wants and more importantly what she doesn’t want! 
Look for Ms. Mya new project’s and tour dates. by r. graham I Love Me Some Mya


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