Theatrical Review: The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Home Alone

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When anyone mentions Home Alone, naturally Macaulay Culkin’s screaming face comes to mind- that is until you visit the Rockwell LA and watch Kate Pazakis’ remarkable adaptation of John Hughes’ 1990’s Christmas classic “Home Alone”. Donned “The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Home Alone” the play makes you laugh, reminisce and listen in awe. While it is a parody, the tunes the cast belt out- are no joke, we sincerely believe Hughes would be proud.

In this adaptation, gender norms are thrown out the window as Natalie Lander (alternatively Valerie Rose Curiel) steals the show and our breath as the adorable Kevin McCallister. Lander favors Kevin just enough to tug at our hearts with sweet nostalgia. It’s Gina D’Acciaro though that leaves us speechless in her rendition of a singing Kate McCallister. D’Acciaro is an absolute natural on the stage and hits the comedic ques impeccably.

The stage is adorned with Blake Estrada on bass, Emely Rosenfield playing the guitar, Gregory Nabours on the piano, and Greg Sadler playing the drums. Together they bring to us harmonious Christmas and Pop classics that are perfectly suitable for the task at hand; entertainment. Damon Gravina switches effortlessly between Peter McCallister and Old Man Marley. Jason Ryan Bornstien is both Buzz McCallister and Gus. Amanda Kruger, Andy Arena, and Ryan O’Connor are all authority figures- while Lesly McKinnel plays both an authority figure and, Kate.

Kevin is not the only twist Kate Pazakis, and Ray Wetmore threw at an unsuspecting audience. Appropriate for the times, the Wet Bandits are also played by women; Nohley Quiroz and Sarah Wolter, together they have the audience near tears more often than not. Pezakis, and Wetmore were daring enough to mock White Privilege repeatedly, but somehow still tastefully.

Grammy nominated Marty Thomas directed the work and made perfect use of a rather small stage, in his execution one almost feels part of the show. Especially since the audience is encouraged to drink every time someone says, “Home Alone” on stage- and that happens quite often! Despite, or rather because of the size- Rockwell LA is the perfect setting for an evening of intimate laughter and fun.
By : Jazmin Gonzalez

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