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Today I am discussing something that we don’t talk about enough… Travel anxiety!
Spring break is coming up fast!

Do you get freaked out before your flight?

Do you forget something while packing?

Do you arrive with a bikini at a ski resort? (trust me I did it…)

It happens to all of us! Frazzle brain is a common side effect of traveling and not planning ahead.

I have traveled since I was 2 years old. Flying long international flights can sometimes be tiring.

But it can also be an amazing experience!

1st tip:  always check the wheels on your suitcase! It can be the worse if you have connections to have a broken wheel suitcase whilke you have to rush to your next flight!

Some great suitcase companies include: Samsonite and Joe Perry.

This one by Samsonitein particular has the spinning effect which is always the best:


2nd Tip: Plan ahead your packing!

I use to always just throw things last minute into my bag and would always realize at destination that I’d forgotten my favorite dress or sweater.

Now I really pack two days ahead of time. It gives me time to have done laundry and pack all clean clothing for my trip!

This note pad s quirky and can also be very helpful:


The essentials should always go in first:
Underwear and socks for the number of days + 2 extra (just in case you never know!)
I have a spare make up bag with sample sizes of my favorite products so I don’t take my “home set” of products. You can purchase travel sizes of all favorite beauty products at Sephora or Target.

Sephora came out with this awesome Festival Hair set: 

Or you can purchase reusable travel bottles:

You’re also going to want to look fresh when you get off the plane I suggest this Dry Shampoo: 


Some of my favorite travel products are from Kiehl’s and they offer a great Travel Pack:

Always bring make up removal wipes, moisturizer with spf ideally,cleanser, lip balm and your make up essentials.

And of course a travel size hair brush is always useful!


This is a hydration boosting set that will keep your skin glowing no matter where you go:

Bring clothing that makes sense. If you’re heading to Mexico you may not need that many pair of jeans. Less is always more. I often find that I always end up wearing my most comfortable practical clothes while on vacation (or none at all! Really depends on where I’ve gone!) so don’t over pack because often a pair of jeans and two tee shirts and a dress is enough!

Shoes should be added last to the suit case and should either be wrapped in old tee shirts or if you have dust bags use them!
Now that you’re suitcase is ready you can zip it up and not worry about it any longer.

I’m old fashioned and like printing up my boarding pass but now with smartphones you can simply add the pass to your electronic wallet!
I also have a passport holder that I use to hold my passport and ID and boarding pass I ordered it from amazon and it’s pink and sparkly so I find it easily in my purse. This Passport cover by Ban.d0 is cute and will be easy to find!

I always try to choose a purse/bag that is practical for traveling. I often find a simple sling over the shoulder purse is the best. Next trip I am trying the Fanny Pack because it’s finally made the come back it deserves!
Once you have organized your paperwork and passport you can think about finances. I never carry more than $100 cash on me while traveling because of personal anxiety. Most countries do take your Visa card so my personal opinion if you can avoid cash and just pay the international fee use your card. Less mess. Less stress.

On travel day double check everything & don’t forget your toothbrush! Try to give yourself time to get to the airport! There can always be unforeseen traffic issues. I check my GPS an hour before my “ideal leave time” to make sure there isn’t anything crazy on the roads! My rule for arriving at airports:
Local flights I arrive 2 hours ahead and international flights 3 hours!

Always leave enough time that your driver doesn’t add to your stress!

You never know the lines or flight issues that could happen and I always find that it’s better to be too early and be able to enjoy a glass of champagne at the Petrossian bar before boarding it makes the whole experience more fun!

I usually carry a Tylenol pm in my purse if it’s a long flight to avoid jet lag being too intense upon arrival.

This amazing neck travel pillow actually comes with a hoodie for ultimate privacy:

Remember to hydrate as much as possible in flight by drinking water. The cabin air system pulls all moisture out of cabins which is why your skin can feel itchy afterwards. I always have my hand crème as well.

If you want to be fancy my mom swears by this set:

Try to sleep and relax while in flight. Arriving at destination strung out and no sleep often makes your jet lag way more intense.
Enjoy your vacation, take pictures, and explore local hang outs that’s often where the best adventures happen! Never be worried to ask locals where they like to go! Often they’ll feel flattered!

Hope my tips help you for your future trips! And remember to take tons of pictures!


Written by Charly More

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