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You’re Using a Hookup App? 3 Simple Ways to Stay Safe…

 Once upon a time, a naive young man responded to a very attractive suitor on Grindr. After the appropriate banter, our young fellow waltzed his way to his new companion’s home with hopes and dreams of finding “the one.” Instead, he didn’t quite get his happy ending.

“I’d come visit you,” his would-be prince said after a bit of one-on-one conversation, “But I can’t leave the house.”


“I’m on parole,” his new buddy lifted up his pant leg and pointed to his ankle bracelet. “I burned down my neighbor’s house.”

Let’s face it, dating and hookup apps are both a beautiful and terrifying thing. For every aw-inducing success story of love, there are four times as many tales of horror, bad encounters, and shame. So, the question is how do you protect yourself and increase your chances of finding Mr. Right?

Here are 3 simple rules to stay safe during your hookup and dating app experience:

  1. Research Your Stud

Now, I’m not saying hide in the bushes to find out if he watches bad reality television, but in a society that’s connected by social media it’s not hard to do some private investigating. If someone wants to connect with you, they should give access to either their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or…whatever else. If they’re uncomfortable with that, or claim to not have social media – that’s a big red flag. You’re on an app for goodness sake! You can even download apps like “Stud or Dud” which runs cursory background checks, so you can steer clear of smooth criminals. Because, apparently, they’re out there.

  1. Be Like a Journalist & Ask Questions

When you have an itch, it’s only natural to want to scratch it. But, getting to know a person has some amazing benefits. Ask questions, discuss expectations – get to know each other. This ensures you both have the same thought process about getting down to business, and it can even make for a better experience altogether. Remember, you have to find out if you have chemistry before getting atomically reactive.

  1. Spill the Tea & Tell a Friend Where You’ll Be

Friends may be good for juicy gossip during Sunday brunch, but they’re great for security, too. Tell your buds where you’re headed when you decide to meet up with someone new. Share your location on your smart phone – draw a map. Never leave your home without offering someone a way to find you. You can even set up a safe word with your friend, so if your new “beau” turns out to be creep, you can text your way out of an awkward situation. This doesn’t mean you have to share dirty, gory details about what’s going down, and it doesn’t mean you have to tell mom what you were up to last night. It’s just always good to have someone out there that knows your whereabouts.

Hookup and dating apps brings us into a whole new world of allure. While they can be entertaining, sexy, and fun, it’s good to remember that every potential lover isn’t always as they seem. Your protection is important. Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, keep cool, have fun, and play it safe. You never know who you’re going to meet.

 Author: Aaron Lawrence


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