Few Ways COVID Could Impact Your Relationship:

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What’s dating Gonna be like during this pandemic?

What direction will my relationship go?

Will we separate? These are just a few questions some spouses ask theirselves. Or maybe you? During this pandemic, it will be a time to see if your relationship is as strong as you thought? Stronger, Or maybe not?

Being locked up an quarantined can cause friction for some spouses. The fact of having no privacy, no space, no me Time. For some it could be a positive, to where being quarantined can cause some spouses to interact with one another more. Get to know each other more. Really use this time to be closer.

Here’s A Few From, WomansDay.com

“This has just solidified our feelings for each other.”

Relocating and moving in with your partner for the first time can be a big deal under “normal” circumstances, and the era of COVID-19 is anything but normal. For Melissa Jennings of New York, things ended up working out, though. “My boyfriend and I made a huge move to New York City in January this year (great timing), and moved into our lovely 400 square foot apartment… only to be on lockdown a month later,” she tells Woman’s Day. “You would think our relationship would take a toll, but this has all just solidified our feelings for each other. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Moral of the story: this has brought us so much closer. I got to put together super cute tiny apartment date nights!”

“The pandemic allowed me to end my relationship.”

While some couples got closer together during lockdowns, others realized maybe they weren’t the right fit after all. Emily* of New Jersey tells Woman’s Day that her and her partner broke up because of the pandemic. “The time apart allowed me to really evaluate the relationship, my feelings, and how I was being treated, and I saw more clearly through what I had been blinded by,” she says.

While ending things was no doubt really difficult, it ended up being a good thing.”The breakup was definitely sad and it took a toll on me,” she explains. “But looking back now, I’m very grateful I stood up for myself, found my strength during an extremely difficult time, and that things panned out the way they did.”

* name has been changed to protect the person’s privacy

“Being stuck inside forced us to communicate.”

For some, the stress of the pandemic has made it easier for old relationship issues to resurface. This was the case for Harper’s* family, from New York. Harper tells Woman’s Day that after their husband was laid off because of COVID-19, he relapsed into alcoholism. “Quarantine was super hard,” Harper explains. “But both of us being stuck inside forced us to communicate about something that we both may have ran away from if the situation was different. We are still working on it, but I think we are stronger because of it.”

* name has been changed to protect the person’s privacy

So my question is how’s your relationship during this pandemic.

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