Winona Ryder & Elizabeth Olsen Star in H&M’s Spring Collection 2018 Video

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Ever taken your girlfriend to a salsa class to get sexy on the dance floor, only to find your teacher automatically splits the two of you up, and you spend the rest of the night stepping on some guy’s toes because you’re both trying to lead?

H&M are here to right all of those dance classes gone wrong, and they’ve done it in the form of their Spring Collection 2018 video.

It all kicks off with a bored looking Elisabeth Olsen dancing somewhat reluctantly with a man in a low key bar in what seems like Cuba. A hand taps Olsen’s dance partner on the shoulder and a woman in red asks to take over. Someone changes the music and what starts as an dynamic dance duet between the two women quickly spreads as the lady in red takes on a new dance partner, who goes on to the next, until the whole street is overrun with an all-woman dance party.

There are some undeniably queer chemistry to the video, as each pair of dance partners shares intense up-close moments under the disapproving stares of onlookers (although there are a few grannies on the sidelines bopping along).

And then for the entrance of the grande dame – none other than everyone’s 90’s crush, Winona Ryder. With a clap of the hands she brings the whole party to a halt, only to steal Elizabeth Olsen for herself.


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