The Witches Of Fairfax Manor

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Maybe you have heard about the Griffith Park Monster, you may have even heard about all of Hollywood’s haunted hotels that are cursed with the spirits of old Hollywood’s brightest stars from the past, but, has anyone ever told you the story about the witches of Fairfax Manor?

It is a dark story that has yet to be fulfilled, some say the Fairfax Manor has a rich and colorful history that has been documented in films, written about in novels, sung about in songs, and enjoyed by many throughout the decades. Countless nights in The Manor have been filled with extravagant parties enjoyed by celebrities and shoulder-rubbing of the finest company. The part of the story that is hardly mentioned are the times of quiet and emptiness in The Manor, the darkness seems to be a feeding ground for lost souls in the late hours of the night. This is when the witches gather to conjure and cast their manifestations for everlasting sorcery, and whatever else the darkness craves.

The witches hail from every corner of the world and have been brought together by a secret destiny only to be revealed once their powers have reached full potential and the most powerful sorcerer, said to be Nicholas Cage, has given them full control of the dark magic in Hollywood. October 31st through November 2nd is known as the time period between the living and the dead in which the veil is the thinnest. The witches have been conspiring for a grave takeover this season and are watching the late-night hours strategically waiting for the perfect time to perform a ritual sacrifice of a former lover’s soul that will finally give them the power to reign supreme and forever haunt the lost souls of Hollywood.

The only nemesis that The Witches face is the spiritually enlightened yogi masters and the powerful Indigenous spirits of the Tongva and Chumash tribes that once inhabited the land in another time. The Witches of Fairfax Manor have been brewing a special treat to be imbibed by any who shall cross their paths during these days to come. This potion is said to bring psychedelic hallucinations creating a euphoric feeling that will obstruct reality and ultimately suck the soul from any person who has mistaken the witches’ visible beauty for their true evil spirits. It is for anyone to decide which path to take along the journey of humanity or evil, for those who lie with uncertainty, you will be tested.

All who feed into the ritualistic Halloween and Day of the Dead energy this year, please beware of the beautiful women on Fairfax that may lure you in with their tantric hypnosis and fruitful potions that have the power to remove your soul to be replaced with the demons of former lovers. Once the spell begins to work there will be no reversing the curse and The Witches of Fairfax Manor will rule all of Hollywood for eternity by midnight on November 2nd.

Light your candles and say a prayer, The Witches of Fairfax Manor will be lurking… BEWARE!

Story by Amelia Davis

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