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Ever wondered what star sign your favorite queer digital influencer is and how you relate to them? Look no further! Here are the twelve star signs represented by queer and trans activists you need to know about. This information is obviously not backed up by scientific evidence. Just have fun with it. After all what is queerness without a pinch of astrology thrown in for good measure?


AQUARIUS (January 20- February 18)


Ash Hardell, YouTube

“Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!”

You are the most woke sign of the zodiac dear Aquarius and it shows. Ash Hardell, a queer and trans YouTuber (and an Aquarius) sums it up with with their infamous opening words to their personal vlog. While most people are trying to wake up to smell the coffee you are already on to breakfast. You have a big appetite for bettering this planet we live on. You are the pinnacle humanitarian and philanthropic individual to your astrological counterparts. As a creative and intellectual human you love to lead new and exciting projects; teaching others is a passion of yours. Your investment in social politics and (LGBTQ+) education comes naturally and you often wonder why people don’t care more deeply about the planet we live on. You have a ‘live and let live’ attitude and you are the most unique and innovative in the way that you present yourself and navigate this world. Aquarians are known to be emotionally cool at times. Although you want to help humanity you aren’t necessarily an everyday “people person”. Therefore, YouTube is a perfect outlet for you to be able to create content in your own space while having complete autonomy over your work and ideas. When you aren’t creating you like to spend quality time with your “booba” (Ash’s nickname for their partner). When this happens you neglect to respond to text messages or social media comments. You eventually emerge from the woodwork surprising your followers with a new video, haircut or a kick-ass book.


PISCES (February 19- March 20)


Charlie Craggs,

Emotionally intelligent, empathetic and kind, Pisceans are able to hear you out and be diplomatic in any situation and who best to represent this sign than Charlie Craggs. Charlie is a trans activist in the UK. Well known for her viral hashtag campaign (#nailtransphobia) and book release, Charlie sets out to do away with trans stigmatization by educating people on trans issues with a one to one manicure service. You have the ability to relate to anyone on any level dear Pisces. You are deeply spiritual and sensitive wearing your heart on your sleeve. People pick up on your kind nature and it takes you far. You are big on social justice and you are always there to defend anyone being wrongly represented. Pisces are great at consoling friends when they are upset but tend to disappear when their social responsibilities get to be too much. Retreating into your cave to Netflix and munch on a McDonald’s meal is how you like to recharge your batteries. Pisces can find it difficult to stay on top of their responsibilities especially when it comes to networking and meetings. Sometimes you won’t hear from them for months but if you need support they will be there for you. You are there to lift people up dear Pisces. You are your friends’ biggest fan helping to share community  initiatives they are involved in. You are an effective activist, an empathetic friend and hopeless romantic. We can always rely on you to flip a (neatly manicured) finger to all the injustices in this world.


ARIES (March 21- April 19)


Ashley Wylde, YouTube

We are only five months into 2019 and Aries individuals have undoubtedly embarked on five hundred projects and finished all of them. Aries is the powerhouse of the zodiac: a great combination of powerful professionalism and spontaneous adventurism. Aries are logical, direct and passionate about their personal projects and it’s no wonder that Ashley Wylde is such a successful queer influencer. Ashley is a YouTuber, a public speaker and a writer. Passionate about explaining gender and sexuality, Ashley’s videos are concise, straightforward and easy to follow – traits inherent in fellow fire signs. Aries are very head strong and determined expressing the utmost confidence in taking on a leadership role. You will often find them in the public eye, in the spotlight and on stage. They are courageous risk takers passionate about what they do. Not much holds back an Aries. When it comes to love they will go full throttle but have a tendency to be non-traditional in their ways. Aries need to learn to express more vulnerability and openness in their personal lives instead of investing too much of their energy into their public persona. Irregardless Aries will keep you on your toes. You will keep hitting that refresh button impatiently awaiting what Aries has in store for you next.


TAURUS (April 20- May 20)


Tyler Vine, Instagram

Tyler Vine is a YouTube creator, a talented musician and a Taurus. Grounded and focused Taureans desire comfort and love and it resonates in the music Tyler makes. Taureans are hedonists and lovers of all things warm, tasty and satisfying- you love to indulge. It is likely you will see Taureans dipping in to dessert before and after dinner. You are big on satiating the senses and so feel good music, touch and taste are all important to you. Taureans are career focused and hard workers. You are reliable beings and always there to give your advice- although it can be hard to hear at times since this sign has no filter. Despite your bluntness (and well known stubbornness) you are inherently a softie. You are often susceptible to feeling hurt or aggravated when things suddenly change, plans are cancelled or you feel used by your friends. You view your own life as a comfort building project and can’t handle when these walls come down. You are however adaptable when it comes to making slow and steady changes to your own life. Just like your creative and professional projects, you are constantly on a mission to better yourself and to understand the meaning of living in your own body and your relation to the world around you. If you want to have a heart to heart Taureans will always give you solid advice and a big hug when you need it.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)


Roly, YouTube

“Haters beware you are in for a scare”.

Everyone loves to hate on a Gemini. Roly is one of the most vibrant gender-fluid YouTubers in town and he isn’t afraid to call out his haters. In fact, Roly has created one of the most engaging haters backlash content videos (and slogans) on the net. Just like a Gemini, Roly is quick witted, intellectual and extremely adaptable with the ability to relate to any social group. Gemini’s are highly individualistic and this Gemini trait is reflected in Roly’s love for body modifications, multi-colored contact lenses and “camp” aesthetic. Never-mind if the haters don’t like it- Gemini’s are always marching to the beat of their own drum. The idea that Gemini’s are ‘two-faced’ is such a stale and outdated perspective. You Gemini’s are multifaceted – no one can keep up with the next big thing you are up to. You love an intellectual battle. Sharp on your feet, you are ready for any debate. You are a socialite and always the life of the party but you usually don’t stick around since people tend to bother you. You are always up for something new and you love creating home-making projects to get away from the general public from time to time. Queer cooking anyone? Gemini’s are a highly misunderstood sign. They are at the forefront of change and innovation. In their personal relationships they highly value their friendships and can be loyal if you show them you are worth it. If you aren’t then in Roly’s words, “trot along b**ch”!


CANCER (June 21- July 22)


Alok Vaid-Menon, YouTube

Alok Vaid Menon is a performance artist and trans activist for the gender non-conforming community. Highly imaginative and expressive they pour their deepest thoughts and feelings into their performance poetry, Alok represents the biggest ‘feeler’ of the zodiac. Cancerians are highly emotional, sensitive and sympathetic with the ability to walk in anyone else’s shoes. They understand your pain and suffering and once they get to know you they want to share theirs too. Cancerians are guided by their emotions although you won’t always be able to read them at first. Cancerians hide in their shell until they feel like it is a safe space to express. With complete strangers however, they are more likely to open up. It is no wonder that Alok in the public eye openly shares their hardships as a gender non-conforming person but on a private level it may be harder to get to know them. Cancers are extremely family oriented and cherish lasting bonds in all relationships. You are warm, kind and highly intuitive which makes you able to tend to people’s needs. Cancer’s are the most peaceful of the zodiacs avoiding conflict at all costs. However, this sign is especially susceptible to mood swings and self-pity if they feel they aren’t receiving the love they so badly crave from either their partners or their peers. Watch out for those pincers, once they get hurt Cancers will pinch back. Despite their emotional waves Cancers are the most supportive sign always encouraging you to be 100% you.


LEO (July 23- August 22)


Chandler Wilson, YouTube

“Hey everyone, Chandler here”.

I know I know, you all view Leo’s as the most self centered signs of the zodiac. Always looking for attention, right? Leo’s have a big personality but they are also such a loving and warm bunch. Leo’s are natural born leaders. Creative, dominant and self confident, they can achieve anything they put their mind to. Leo’s are the social butterflies of the zodiac and they have friends from all walks of life. They love to be connected with others and usually they gather their energy from close knit relationships. It is no wonder that Chandler has several collaborative videos and so many good friends within the LGBTQ+ community. This sign rarely likes to be alone, maybe periodically to recharge, but once they have charged their batteries they are back out leading and uniting with different communities. Leo’s love bolstering others self worth too and you are known for giving really helpful advice. You are deeply loyal to those who show it back. Once you have a Leo in your life they will always be there through thick and through thin. Leo’s have a great sense of humor. You Leo’s love to make people laugh but if you don’t fully succeed in doing so you become disappointed. Riding off the attention and appreciation of their peers, Leo’s will only take on something they know they will be praised for. It is no wonder that Chandler takes their time releasing well thought out YouTube videos that will undoubtedly get thousands of clicks. Their latest video on ‘trash talking’ the zodiacs is just the kind of Leo humor that will get all the admirers coming to their yard.

VIRGO (August 23- September 22)


Kat Blaque, YouTube

Your videos (just like your life) are neatly categorized and organized into themes. Your thoughts and ideas are engaging, political and deeply intellectual. You are Kat Blaque – a renowned YouTuber and a Virgo. One of the most analytical signs of the zodiac, Virgos have a methodical approach to the world. You are always seeking out the most practical and efficient way of getting your point across. Virgo’s pay attention to every little detail and triple check that everything is in their appropriate place. You don’t like when things are out of line -spontaneity isn’t your thing. Virgo’s are a deeply humanitarian sign and you care about lifting others up sometimes before yourself. You are highly philosophical, conservative (at times) and an activist too. You prefer to pragmatically tackle an issue than using your intuition. Oftentimes, you have difficulties expressing your viewpoints due to self doubt. You rarely express these doubts publicly but deep down you struggle with knowing your self worth. You enjoy an organized and calm life dear Virgo and you will attain your goals in the smoothest way possible with the least amount of fuss. You are less of a “big picture” individual. Your strength is inspiring others to pay closer attention to the issue at hand. This sign is susceptible to stress when things in life do not go according to plan. Indicative of an Earth sign however, you are quick to vocalize when you are not enjoying a situation or a persons company. You can always count on a Virgo to logically spell out the true tea.


LIBRA (September 23- October 22)


Natalie Wynn (Contrapoints), YouTube

Libra’s represent fine balance, justice and equality for all. These air signs are all about  fairness and keeping the peace both in their personal and their public lives. Libra’s have the ability to see all sides of the coin and will often be diplomatic in situations to avoid conflict. In a way Natalie Wynn, a trans activist and creator of the YouTube channel Contrapoints, displays this cool and calm Libra energy. Although her content incorporates some “heavy” topics, she often keeps the mood “light” by addressing political issues with a touch of dry humor. Just like a Libra, Natalie is able to position herself on different sides of an argument. She creates balance and symmetry in the way that she advocates for and addresses gender issues. Just like air, Libra’s are hard to pin down. At times they can be flaky or “ghost” you. This behavior becomes more prominent when they don’t feel like engaging in arbitrary social issues or quarrels. Libra’s aren’t one for basic gossip but would rather discuss global issues at large. Just like your other air counterparts (Gemini and Aquarius), you have a strong intellect, a keen mind and a way of staying on the peripheries of social closeness. You never get TOO serious about a topic but usually get to the point through a half sarcastic comment. You Libra’s have a passion for the arts and love anything with a rich culture or material value. Just take a look at the amazingly curated Contrapoints videos. Each one is filled with dramatic characters and an eye grabbing aesthetic where both intellectual and material interests merge into an eccentric masterpiece. Despite these creative endeavors you are after all a cardinal sign and therefore some tradition is still prioritized in your (love) life. You are a person of extremes dear Libra swaying from conservatism to a whimsical nature. Never a dull moment with you.



SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)


Miles McKenna,

Just like Miles McKenna Scorpios cherish anything that is odd, eccentric, gay and unholy. The most mysterious sign of the zodiac, Scorpios will never cease to surprise you. It’s hard to say what video will come out next; Scorpios will always keep you on your toes. Known as the ‘fire signs’ of the water element, you Scorpios are super passionate always giving it your all on any project you decide to embark on. Scorpios are brave and expressive letting you know exactly what they think at any given moment. These signs don’t hold back and are fueled by living every experience and emotion to the fullest. Miles’ plethora of wacky, personable and also informative videos on LGBTQ+ topics highlight Scorpio’s dedication to sharing their diverse knowledge. Miles is also an “open book” online, sharing all of his deepest perspectives with hopes of helping his viewers who may be struggling. Scorpio’s are highly reliable and you can trust any Scorpio to keep your secrets for life. On the flip-side Scorpios are very suspicious about sharing any of their big secrets with you. In love they cherish stability and tend to be more rooted than the other water signs (Pisces and Cancers). Stereo-typically, Scorpio’s are an overtly sexual (and sensual) sign of the zodiac. They prize intimacy and fantasy. Maybe this explains Miles’ love for gyrating to any Mariah Carey tune out there. Scorpio’s are daring and vibrant. They make great leaders, teachers and educators – it’s no wonder Miles’ YouTube view counts continue to surpass any of his fellow YouTubers online. We love you Miles!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)


Chella Man, Instagram

“Be your own representation”.

Chella Man’s  words are those of a true Sagittarius. Those born between the above dates are individualists at heart and always strive to only be themselves. Sagittarians are extremely extroverted and easily adapt to change in life. They are world travelers and love to explore all the unique things the world has to offer. Sagittarians are extremely goal oriented and driven. Their additional charisma makes them magnetic at any social function. Sagittarians are “doers” and tend to finish the projects they have set out to do. Once they have their mind set on a project they have to fulfill it. Extremely goal oriented, it is no wonder that Chella Man can be seen embarking on several artistic and activist projects at once. Flying to all corners of the world, Chella satiates his curiosities by engaging with diverse experiences and social groups. Saggitarians emanate self confidence and an internal belief system that cannot be swayed. You Sagittarians can be hard to pin down due to your rather impulsive nature. But once your heart decides on someone then it’s all over. More pics of Mary V anyone? Sagittarians are sometimes too honest and direct getting them into trouble in situations where social formalities are expected. Working on different social tactics is a personal project for Sagittarius. Oozing with unwavering self love you may just see this Sagittarius strutting down a runway in New York or in an underwear campaign. Watch out- Sagittarians are unstoppable and a memorable force.


CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19)


Chase Ross, YouTube


Professional, responsible and disciplined these earth signs are the cats meow for consolidating a successful career path. You Capricorns have such a sense of self control that you have the ability to stick to the perfectly mapped out blueprint you have for your life. You have an overwhelming need and sense for stability. Capricorns are known as the more subdued sign of the zodiac and unsurprisingly we couldn’t find a renowned queer YouTuber who is a Capricorn. This is mainly due to their conservative approach to life and their need to thrive in a more structured work environment. Capricorns don’t enjoy the unknown and they stick closely to their routine. Capricorns find it hard to accept difference and plans that are deemed too unrealistic to achieve. However, Capricorn- Aquarius cusps such as Chase Ross bring a different flavor to this star sign. A very successful YouTuber and business person Chase Ross has completely managed his own branding, merchandise and videos for the good part of six years (or even more). He undoubtedly harnesses the Capricorn traits of consistency, planning and responsible management to be able to successfully sustain his own business. You Capricorn cusps are more on the silly side than a traditional Capricorn. Honing in on your dark and eccentric side, you have a weird sense of humor that comes out of the blue. It begins with Chase’s hilarious hashtag takes on trans terminology (FTM) but it doesn’t stop there. You also love to embark on impromptu DIY projects. Known as a head strong and sexually driven sign, you Capricorns are up for talking about anything sex related while making sure to twist in your odd humor from time to time. Anyone want another sex toy review against a ‘peen’ wall (for the 100th time)?



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