73 Year- old women forcefully arrested in Colorado:

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With all that’s happened in the past couple of years with, police brutality an using excessive force. You would think not only in the justice system it would bring more awareness to the issues pertaining to police using excessive force. An finding a better way an approach when it comes to apprehending.

But that’s not what happened in, Colorado with an incident that occurred, Karen Garner in Loveland on June 26, 2020.

Loveland police officer Austin Hopp approached Karen Garner on June 26 after employees at a Walmart called to report that Garner tried to leave the store without paying for a T-shirt, a soda, a candy bar and wipes.

The employees made Garner return to the store and leave the items but called police to report the incident. Hopp found Garner walking along a road nearby.

Garner has dementia and sensory aphasia, which impairs her ability to communicate and understand, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed last week about the incident.

Hopp forced Garner to the ground within 30 seconds of contacting her, body camera footage released by Garner’s attorney shows. Hopp and another officer, Daria Jalali, then held Garner against a police car. The officers fractured Garner’s arm, dislocated her shoulder and left bruises and scrapes, according to the lawsuit.

“I’m going home,” Garner said repeatedly as the officers arrested her, the video shows.

Garner is 73 years old did it really take that much intense an excessive amount of force to apprehend her? Not only that she also suffer from Dementia and Sensory Aphasia. Shouldn’t there have been some sincerity an level of just Mental Awareness?

With Karen Garner lawsuit against the Deputies that were on call, Prosecutors dropped charges against Garner. The police department placed Hopp on leave last week after the lawsuit made the incident public while investigations continue and re-assigned the two other officers to desk duty.


In closing to me an the people not only does this bring awareness to not only Police using excessive force when it comes to racial profiling. But it brings awareness to the excessive force being used in general an that’s it’s not about color but it’s about what’s right an wrong. An we need the women an men that are suppose to protect an serve us, to come with a better system when in contact with us the people

But it starts with us an our voice.

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