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I feel it’s very important to acknowledge new businesses, especially through this pandemic. But through it all these businesses are still thriving an surviving through it. What makes this business so power an authentic, is that the Designer is Un-Binary. Which is so powerful an motivating for other individuals in the, LGBT Community,  to be your authentic self. And you can achieve anything.

Regardless of gender or preference, you shouldn’t be defined based upon that. I asked, Ashley Vonshae to tell us a little about theirselves an what their business stands for. And what motivates them an what inspired them to achieve their goals an dream.


I’m Ashley Vonshae, 30 years old from Charleston SC.

I started making my own clothing because I was always influenced by my older male cousins and uncles.

I would take their styles and recreate my own. My brand is mostly for the underdogs, my late bloomers, those who constantly feel rejected, but somehow are still patient and encouraging to themselves.

That’s why my mascot is a Fox because most people think the fox is very tricky and deceitful, but the fox is actually agile and they make intelligent decisions to get themselves out of sticky situations. So basically this brand is for all my misunderstood folks. My motivation is my younger siblings.

I’m the oldest of 5, and they are constantly looking up to me.

So I try to influence or spark creativity in them whenever I can.

Some advice I would give to younger generations is to master self, because all of life’s pleasantries, purpose, and calling comes once you do that.

Ig Accounts: @shopavfh_ @ashley_vonshae


Written by LaLa

Instagram: official_lala_baby_

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