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Every month we take the time to acknowledge Artists, in the entertainment that have a positive impact in the world today. Especially at a time like this. I had the pleasure of interviewing, Juiced up Joey (Joelle).

Which has came a long way as an independent Artist, which along the way helped developed other up an coming artists an motivates the youth in her city. She teaches an mentors the youth in her community to be great an find a more positive an productive way an path towards being great an achieving their goals.

Where you from?

I’m from Pittsburgh (Wilkinsburg) PA.

Born , August 15th shout out to my Leo’s.

*How old were you when you first started makin music?

  • Well if we are being technical I was making music young at like 4, 5 when my dad used to take me in his basement studio singing little hooks into his microphone…
  • but I literally wasn’t making my own songs until I was closer to teenage age 11. I was writing my own songs for fun.. one day I shared my music with one of my friends that was doing music at 17 and they took me to Pittsburgh Atomics studio… where I made my first song “These Girls” ever since I had kept making songs anytime I had enough to go to the studio.

*What are your goals when it comes to your music career?

  • My biggest goal is to make a bigger impact… show my family and friends back home it’s possible to do it with out changing and trying to fit in what everyone else says is the “In thing”
  • I want to show freedom… mind over reality or what they say is reality.
  • Use my music to make people think “Dang she’s being free, that’s a perspective to have.” Or atleast think about
  • *what do you want you readers to know about you?

    • I want my readers to know that this is only the beginning for me. It took 5 years of being an artist just for me to realize the possibilities and understand my true capabilities. I really went through a life sheltered from different things that I had to learn by myself and going out and being alone. Made me open to all things. I want my music to make you open to anything even if you don’t agree just know anything is possible… with these detentions.

    Written by lala

    Instagram: official_lala_baby

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