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Through the storm there is a light, even through the pandemic. 30yo Zeke Titus, talks about his journey an obstacles as an Gay Handsome Plus Size Indudtry Dancer. An shares a few ins an outs. I feel it’s important right now shed some light an acknowledge those who still striving an thriving in, L.G.B.T Community right now. Even though we’re going through a crazy time!

I feel right now is a time to not only stick together but to empower each other. It’s a time to uplift each other. No matter sexual preference or color. Weight shouldn’t be an issue, it should be based on your talent an motivation an inspiration. Which he gives just that!! So let’s meet, Zeke Titus.

What’s your name?

Eziekiel Titus but everyone calls me Zeke or GameTime

Where you from?

Originally from Buffalo, NY but currently living in Los Angeles

How old are you?

I’m 30 y.o.

How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been Dancing since I was 18, but I’ve wanted to dance my entire life.

What inspires you?

Everything in the entertainment industry; from other dance teachers, to music, poetry, and even movies sometime. But what inspires me the most are my peers who dance. They motivate me with great energy to keep me going.

What struggles have you had in the entertainment industry as a handsome plus size Industry dancer?

Oh, Handsome?!?! Why thank you Overall my size is the first thing people see. Especially when I first moved to LA four years ago. Although times are changing, being a plus size dancer was very tough to make it through auditions or book many opportunities because things are always “type casted.” It was very tough to always stand out from the crowd, when they want you to blend in. But proving myself time and time again through training, dance classes, and showcase performances, I began to get the respect deserved. Not just because of my size, but my talent. Now I’m a full time professional dancer/teacher in the entertainment industry

What keeps you going?

What keeps me going I would have to say is knowing that this is something that I wanted for so long. I knew in my heart, even after graduating college, that dance was something I was going to make happen. Having that positive mindset and optimism has allowed me to continue to push for what I wanted….never giving up.

Who do you look up to?

As far as dance teachers, I look up to everyone. Before moving to LA I would watch YouTube classes footage from Sean Bankhead, Candace Brown, Jr Taylor, Dejun Tubic, Devin Solomon, Tricia Miranda and so many more. Now not only do I look up to these people still, but I have been able to train with these teachers, get advice from training with them. And more importantly, build relationships with them (professionally, of course).

What advice can you give our lgbt community when it comes to the entertainment?

I’m not only a plus size dancer, but I’m a black, gay, and proud plus size dancer. Pushing the envelope every single day to do what I love every single day. Although I’m a gay man, that doesn’t define me who I am as a dancer. I’ve shown people that I can do it all from masculine to feminine, without caring what others think about me. I say all that to say this. (see how I did that ) Do Not Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t Be Who You Want To Be In This World… especially in the entertainment industry. I know so many different walks of life just doing them and being who they are, Especially In The LBGTQ community. And they get more respect basically just Not Giving A Fuck on the dance floor. Don’t get me wrong, we may not hear everything we want to hear. Or Get all of the opportunities we want. But there’s is a place for all of us in this community. We have to find it. Keep it Positive, Keep It Cute, Keep it Professional….And Just Do You! And That’s On Period…..No Tampon

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