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With restaurants an most businesses shut down, there’s limited amount of activities an things to do with your spouse. So I decided to give you a few ideas. So here are a few tips that my partner an I used maybe they’ll help for you.

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Design a Coffee Table Book Together

Keeping your photos on your phone or computer is convenient, but there’s something special about printing out a true album. Design a cute coffee book together with all of your favorite photos, pictures from your latest trip or your year in review.

Cook Together

Cooking together is a fantastic activity for couples during quarantine especially. It requires teamwork and communication, as you’re both sharing a space and working towards the same goal. If you want a nudge to start cooking together, consider ordering meal kits.

Work Out Together

Whether you and your partner are total gym fanatics or just love to be active, now is a great time to work out together. Together you can hit the gym, sign up for a fitness class or go for a jog. If you’re at home, look into virtual workouts you can do together. You can still enjoy a structured class  from the comfort of your home. Some boutique fitness class instructors are offering Zoom workouts, while apps are another source of motivation.

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Play a good old-fashioned game of 20 questions

I’ve played versions of this on successful in-person dates, and it can translate to a phone call or FaceTime just as well. You know the rules: Think of a person, place, or thing. Then have the other person ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to figure out what it is you’re thinking. For a slightly more intimate version, just ask 20 questions about each other, back and forth. The goal, of course, is to go off on a tangent and forget that you were playing a game altogether.

Have a movie night with the Netflix Party extension

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that synchronizes video playback and adds a group-chat function to anything you want to watch on Netflix. My recommendation? Watch a notoriously bad movie over something more earnest. That way, you can bond over the corny parts, laugh at the stale jokes, and flex your humor muscle with witty commentary. Movie theater, arm-over-seat romance is hard to re-create when we’re apart, so lean into the alternative.

Take a walk to a place you love

Walks are fun, are therapeutic for your mind, and feel good for your body. I like to take them often—especially after a day of sitting within the same four walls as my significant other. That being said, having the ability to do so is a privilege, dependent upon everything from your location to the amount of free time you’re able to spend. If and when you are able to take a walk together, it’s worth a go around the block. If you’re able, trek to a place that you love—your favorite park, or even a lamppost. There is something to be said for a quiet conversation outdoors.

With everything that’s going on in the world today an the time that we’re in right now. Here’s a few ideas to keep you an your spouse connected an keeping the sparks going.


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